Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Hot (and I mean HOT!) new trend


That's right, they're back and better than ever! This 80s trend (most popularly designed by sunglasses giant Ray Ban) has garnered itself an almost cult-like collection of followers.
They're the type of trend that has divided the nation, however. Alot of people love them, and alot of people find them hideous.

Like the look of them? Sunglass Hut is your best (but not necessarily cheapest) bet. You can get a pair like this (white is more feminine than black, I reckon) for about $230AUD.
Budget? Then eBay is your new best friend! :-)
As far as retro trends, the Wayfarer is one of my favourites. It's 50s and 80s at the same time. They're pretty classy (and sometimes trashy, I admit).
Enjoy. Lol.



[photos courtesy of and and]


Anonymous said...

Wayfarer Sunglasses are the ultimate classic sunglasses.

Anonymous said...

Love retro and vintage sunglasses.