Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Movie of the Month: HP and the Order of the Phoenix

Considering it's officially Harry Potter Month, you can be expecting at least a few more Harry Potter posts. Sorry in advance.
Ok so I saw HP and the Order of the Phoenix last wednesday, the day it came out (exciting!). I decided to wait a little while until reviewing it, to let it have it's full effect on me, and now I feel I can probably review it from a somewhat objective perspective, rather than from the perspective of a die-hard fan who wouldn't dare say anything bad about the franchise (which is what I'm usually like).
So here goes:
This is the best Harry Potter movie so far, with the Goblet of Fire coming in at a close 2nd!
However, it most definitely wasn't flawless. For a start, the amount of things left out was probably larger than what was actually left in, which means anyone who hasn't read the book (I've read the books, so I'm only assuming) would not understand the story line properly. But I suppose that's ok because they don't really seem to mind.

Secondly, I cannot help complaining about this Dumbledore. Michael Gambon is a wonderful actor and I'm sure he's a nice guy, don't get me wrong...but as Dumbledore, I'm sorry but he's completely 100% wrong. He has morphed the character into what seems like the oppposite of everything that made Dumbledore such an amazing character. He is no longer kind and placid, but aggressive and downright mean. His relationship with Harry is almost non-existent, when it should be (and is in the books) the most important relationship in the grand scheme.

But besides that, everything was just fantastic! I think Daniel Radcliffe is definitely improving as the years go by, and this is his best performance yet (one scene in particular, towards the end)! The acting from everyone else is great as usual (except Gambon), and the special effects...wow! The fighting was highly entertaining, but the DA was better in the book.

Relationships were explored to a necessary extent (to be honest, there could have been alot more development considering this is a good 20 minutes shorter, when the book is the longest, than some of the other films in the franchise).
The kiss deserves a post of it's own, lol. I've heard quite a few people complaining about this kiss, but I, for one, rather enjoyed it. This was Daniel Radcliffe's (and Katie Leung's) first on-screen kiss and I think they did a really great job. They must have been nervous, but I think they made it look quite natural. Although, their connection (or lack-thereof) seemed more believable in the Goblet of Fire.

Wow, I've somehow turned this into a bit of a scathing review, at some points. Seriously though, this movie was amazing! An absolute must-see!
4/5 stars



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