Thursday, 5 July 2007

Waxing = pain!

I got my legs waxed today.
Unfortunately, this seemingly ridiculous ritual than women put themselves through, waxing, is 100% necessary, not to mention effective.
Sorry, I'm making it sound like I've only just had my first wax. Not so. I'm actually something of a waxing veteran. I just hadn't had it done in a while, and had forgotten how ridiculously painful it is. I've heard some say that you eventually become immune to the pain, after a few years or so. They are lying.
But don't be fooled. The satisfaction after having been waxed is one that cannot be easily beaten.
If you're looking for a place to get waxed you cannot go past Complete Skincare (the beauty salon on Maling Road, Canterbury, Melbourne). The women there are extremely friendly, and they do an excellent job. Nice and quick. Not necessarily painless, but they do their best to distract you from the pain you are obviously experiencing.
Just a helpful hint from yours truly.



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