Friday, 6 July 2007

Oh the wonders of Chadstonia Megaplex (sorry, in-joke)

Yes, as you can probably guess I spent the day shopping at Chadstone yesterday. And for the first time, I actually got really depressed. Usually Chadstone makes me happy because of all the hustle, bustle and (mostly) fancy stores, but yesterday was just weird. Anyway, no matter because I bought a truly devine skirt, with a Burberry-ish pattern, from Bardot (quickly becoming, if not already become, one of my favourite brands).
It's really tiny, so needless to say I have to wear tights under it. It's fitted with suspenders too, (a trend I'm not necessarily opposed to), but my mum told me to get rid of them because they look daggy. I think they look alright, hanging down. I don't think I'd ever wear them properly (as in, over the shoulders), but the skirt still looks cute with them hanging by the sides. It gives it a feel of...rebellion. Lol.
I also bought the newest WHO and NW magazines. I haven't read them yet, but WHO's front cover boasts "Hot Body Secrets", and NW screams "What stars really eat!". So I thought with only 5 months until bikini season, why not follow the celebs lead and get in better shape, right?
Anyway, I have to run. Party prepping. :-)



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