Tuesday, 24 July 2007

To die for...

I live near an old-fashion little street called Maling Rd. It's unique in that it's been preserved, resembling the streets of, say, the 1900's. It's quite adorable. People make a big deal about going there, getting dressed up etc.
Anyway, there is a chocolate shop on Maling Rd, surrounded by cute vintage fashion shops, that will honestly blow your mind. It's run by just a few people and it's just one shop, not a franchise which, I think, makes all the difference.
It's called Xocolatl. The name means chocolate in its original form (xocolatl is a Nuhuatl word).
The chocolate is exquisite. Smooth, rich, creamy, everything you want in chocolate, really. But be warned, once you've tried it, you will be back for more.
I had one of their chilli hot chocolates (I am usually not a fan of hot chocolate, or hot drinks in general, at all) this morning and am still in a state of dreamy euphoria. Ok, so I'm slightly exaggerating, but you get the idea: the stuff is good, damn good! Lol.
I highly recommend a trip down to Maling Rd to check the place out for yourself, and while you're there, take the time to enjoy the little avenue in all its vintage glory.



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