Sunday, 29 July 2007

TeenVogue's head on the chopping block?

Page Six is reporting that TeenVogue may be following in Jane's (the magazine and its website will be shutting down as of August 2007) late footsteps.
Although the Conde Nast rep says it's "not true", the likelihood that this is more than just a rumour is quite reasonable. I don't know what I'd do if TeenVogue ceased to exist. Not only will it mean no more fashionable Harry Potter trio spreads, but what's LC (star of Laguna Beach and more recently The Hills: follows her life, including her internship at TeenVogue) going to do??
Hopefully this is all just speculation.
Perhaps we can get a petition started? How does that sound?
UPDATE: so far, it seems TeenVogue is safe. :-) I can breathe a little easier now.



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