Sunday, 29 July 2007

I could be brown, I could be blue, I could be...

It seems Mika isn't the only one who wants to be like Grace Kelly. Lol. Naomi Campbell is joining the growing list of celebrities-turned-designers, and is rumoured to be designing a bag for the iconic French luxury goods brand Hermes.
Now the 1st question is: what will it look like? Will it look anything like the Kelly bag? Or perhaps like the Birkin bag, aka the most sought after bag in history?

Or will it resemble Ms. Campbell's own style in some way? Something glamorous? Glittery? Sophisticated? Diva-licious? The list goes on...

The 2nd question: what will it be called? Will they be predictable (or traditional to put it positively, lol) and call it the Campbell bag? I prefer the Naomi least that way, you can be sure no one will confuse it with a bag named after canned soup. ;-)
Can't wait for this creation!



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