Thursday, 25 October 2007

Unleash the Animal Within...

More gorgeous jewellery from Max & Chloe!
As I was (and still am, really) looking far and wide for new signature earrings, I came across a stunning display of Animal Kingdom inspired pieces now on offer at my favourite online accessories store.
Pade Vavra Snake cuff -- $335
The stare in the snake's eyes is mesmerising. And creepy. Lol.
Kenneth Jay Lane Snake cuff -- $300

Kenneth Jay Lane Black Insect cuff -- SALE $102 (original price $150)
Oh I love this! It's so beautifully made. The colours are a perfect match.

Kenneth Jay Lane White Elephant bracelet -- $125
This is my absolute favourite, no doubt. Stunning, simply stunning.

Kenneth Jay Lane Giraffe bracelets -- $90

Kenneth Jay Lane Gold Panther bracelets -- $75

Marcia Moran Snake ring -- $72
Also comes in a bracelet -- $145

Kenneth Jay Lane Tiger hoops -- $62

Kenneth Jay Lane Vintage Monkey necklace -- $75

Kenneth Jay Lane Gold Panther necklace

Considering these are mostly gold, they probably aren't your thing if you're more of a silver girl (although, to be honest I'm a big fan of silver and not so much of gold, but I love this stuff).
Well, I just realised I have major homework that I haven't done, which is due tomorrow. Usually I don't mention homework, but I can't think of any other way to end this post. Lol.



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