Thursday, 4 October 2007

Paris- Spring Ready To Wear: Days 2 and 3

Ah! Paris FW is almost over, it's going too fast, I can't keep up lol! Sorry, no day one. Gotta keep it moving, right?
Anyways, some interesting looks showing in Paris. Usually, there's at least maybe one ongoing theme that's apparent throughout the majority of the collections, but this year is just all over the place! In a good way of course. It just makes Trend Spotting a little more difficult, no? Lol.
Viktor & Rolf
This is really confusing me. Normally, I'm a huge non-fan of Viktor & Rolf. But this collection actually got the better of me. Usually, I find their clothes to be harsh and even a bit angry. But this collection was soft, chic, pretty and a tad feminine even?

Christian Dior
What much is there to say? Another collection of chic, feminine (and a hint of James Bond-type spy gear?) masterpieces. It's Christian Dior, natch.

There were many looks inspired by eras passed. I'm getting an 80s vibe from the far left and right outfits. Whereas, Gemma in the middle is wearing one of the James Bond outfits I mentioned.
I was really confused by the first half of this collection. It seemed like all the first outfits were just the same thing except in different colours, but halfway through the rest of the collection emerged. I really like those shoes, their so...abstract.

Jean Paul Gaultier
Viewing Jean Paul Gaultier's collections is absolutely exhausting, lol! But seriously, his designs are so consistently dramatic and theatrical you just have to give him snaps for his unwavering energy. His clothes are so interesting, as much as I don't think I would ever wear any of it, and to be honest I don't particularly even like the look of them, I find myself unable to look away.
Sophia Kokosalaki
Chic, sophisticated and (mostly) sensible. You can't really go wrong there, can you? Some think using lots of black in a collection is easy and safe (that word is thrown around way too much in fashion, in my opinion), but if the collection is pretty and practical then what does it really matter, right?

Hopefully I'll get another post done about today's shows before it's all over! Lol.



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