Thursday, 4 October 2007

Paris- Spring Ready To Wear: Valentino

I have never had the pleasure of meeting Mr Valentino Garavani himself, nor have I ever worn a piece designed by the great man either (but fear not, there is still time, lol), but I do know one thing: Valentino is an undeniable fashion genius, and he has 45 years of stylish masterpieces under his belt to prove it.
If anyone doubted Valentino's ability to create beautiful, wearable fashions (or to woo a crowd) then simply take a look at his latest (and *sniff sniff* last) Ready-To-Wear collection. With pink being inspiration for the first half, never neglecting the power of the belt, and alternating between fun, flirty cocktail dresses (or coats) and long, flowing evening gowns, this collection (along with countless others of his) is sure to get its own section in the fashion history books.

The pinks and whites of this collection reminded me so much of marshmellows. Mmm, edible fashion: now that's a good idea! Lol. I love, love, love the middle and far right looks. Lily's (far right) outfit is inspired! Grecian, yet workwear at the same time.

Ah, the evening gowns. There's really not much to say except molto bella!

The jacket Flavia (left) is wearing is similar to Raquel's (first picture, middle) except with more neutral colours. I love that style, it's perfect day and night wear. (right) Oh what a pretty dress! It would be more perfect if she was wearing braids in her hair, don't you reckon?
Honestly, there was not one outfit in this collection that I didn't like. It was all wonderful!

And so, Valentino, Ready-to-Wear bids you adieu. Get ready for your standing ovation...



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