Sunday, 21 October 2007

Turning Over A New Leaf (minor pun, not intended lol)

I came back from camping on the banks of the Murray River (the border of Victoria and New South Wales, Australia) 2 days ago, and just completely forgot to write about it. I loved it so much that I thought it definitely deserved a mention.
I have to admit, I wasn't as panicky about packing as I usually am in the days leading up to my bi-annual camp trips, and I guess that was a good thing. I almost always over-pack due to anxiety, but this year (well, this half of the year; I've already had one camp trip this year) I was pretty calm and packed the bare minimum, really.
My basic daily attire was shorts (Bonds, of course), a singlet top, a shirt of some sort (my flannel one looked pretty hot, lol), my Skechers Bikers (just plain old Hobbie) and a cheap, but cute and highly complimented necklace I bought from Target!

This is where we camped. Right on the bank. And it was surrounded by sand, so it was basically a trip to the beach. It was such a strange contrast to look to the right and see a country landscape and then look to the left and there was this beach-like landscape.
It was the best camping trip I've ever been on, despite the lack of showers, toilets, proper beds and warmth at night (and the added, inevitable bitchiness that ensued when 40 teenagers were thrust into a remote and primitive area together).
It also made me really appreciate all my beauty products back here at home, even though I coped well without them for 4 days, any longer and my skin would probably be resembling a pizza surface. Dear Jurlique, Miessence, Auroma, Chanel and MAC: thank you for making such wonderful products. Lol.

If you live in Australia (or even if you don't) and you've never visited the Murray River before, I highly recommend a drive down there. It's totally worth it.



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