Saturday, 29 March 2008

Green Is the New Black...

Yes, totally plagiarized post title, I know (speaking of which, I managed to sneak a peek at this fashionably eco-friendly advice book, Green is the New Black, whilst at Borders yesterday - not too bad, a soon-to-be staple on my bookshelf, perhaps?). But it fitted with the post content, so I figured why not? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all. Lol.
Linda Loudermilk is an environmentally friendly fashion designer, who deserves way more credit than she's getting. I know what you're thinking: eco-fashion = scratchy burlap dresses, and plain-Jane (or just plain ugly) designs. Think again. Linda creates beautiful clothes out of sustainable fabrics, bringing a whole new meaning to the beauty of nature. But not only do they look good, they've acquired the all important seal of wear-ability approval.
I'm totally in love with her designs, and soon hopefully the rest of the fashion-loving world will be too.
Now, I'm sure luxury eco (Loudermilk Inc. has coined this term) isn't for everyone, but I just thought I'd give you a taste of where the future of organic fashion is heading...
Fall 2007 collection
Don't ask me how she does it, because I have no idea. All I know is we all need to do our bit to save our diminishing natural environment. Linda Loudermilk (among many, many other talented green fashion designers, kudos to them all) is doing hers, so let's support her, no?

Spring 2008 collection
Check here for stores/stockists, and general information about the brand.

Keeping on the subject of GREEN, in the words of David Suzuki, from the Vanity Fair Green Issue, 2007...
"...economists don't include all of the things that nature does for us for nothing. Some technologies would never be able to do what nature does. For example, pollinating all of the flowering plants. What would it cost us to take carbon dioxide out of the air and put oxygen back in, which all the green things do for us for nothing? It's possible to do a crude estimate of what it would take to replace nature.
Well, it turns out, (one researcher) estimated it would cost us $35 trillion a year to do what nature is doing for us for nothing. Now to put that into perspective.
If you had added up all of the annual economies of all the countries in the world at that time, it would come to $418 trillion . So, nature is doing twice as much service for us the economies of the world. And in the madness of conventional economies, this is not in the equation."

Powerful stuff, eh?
Speaking of Vanity Fair, how's everyone feeling about Madonna as the cover-girl of this year's Green Issue? I noticed that many, many blogs I've stumbled upon recently have been featuring this cover, so I figured I'd get in on the action. You know, just to be cool. Lol.
The issue isn't actually on sale yet, so right now everyone is still guessing what Madonna has to do with the environment crisis, but knowing Vanity Fair, I'm sure it's something admirable. And if not, well she still looks downright fierce on the cover. In the end, isn't that all that matters? Lol.

Friday, 28 March 2008

Actresses Who Should Be Models // Hit or Miss?

Last night was an interesting night, that's for sure. The official plans were to go to the cinema and see a movie, then The Bunch (there was about 8 of us) were to publicly transport ourselves back to one girl's house and stay the night. What ensued was a night of of being rained on, waiting 20 minutes for trams after midnight more than once (no joke), an after hours McDonald's stop (I sat that one out) and 3 consecutively bad movies.
There were two high points:
  • Quentin Tarantino's newest film Death Proof. Oh my it was...ah, how to describe it? At the end, I felt like it was pointless. But after 24 hours, now I'm ready to see it again. It was great! I highly recommend it!
  • The movie we saw, the basis of the entire event-filled night, St. Trinian's. Before I saw this, I completely wrote it off as crap, judging from the trailer. But I couldn't be more glad we ended up seeing it. It was definitely one of those so-bad-it's-good movies, but with an element of utter hilarity! Again, I highly recommend this.
Something I found myself thinking during St. Trinian's, was that the leading actress, of the younger cast, Talulah Riley, fell into the category of starlets that I've personally labeled Actresses Who Should Be Models. Now, don't get me wrong, the feeling has nothing to do with their acting talent. But I often find that when looking at certain actresses (or actors) I can't help but think Wow. She (or he) is so what the modeling industry is about, right now.

Talulah Riley at the UK premiere of St. Trinian's.

But maybe it's just me?

I think this girl is gorgeous. If the acting thing doesn't work out, she's got no worries about a back up career.
Of course, Talulah isn't the only girl who falls into this category. But, I've put myself on the spot now, and can't think of any others.
Do you all have anybody else to place on this list? Male or female..?


Hit or Miss?
Demi Moore is everywhere right now, promoting her new film Flawless. Here she is visiting the Letterman show in New York City. Now that we're heading into the colder months, I'm all for long trench coats. Especially black ones (so hot right now). But as I was looking over this set of photos, I felt like there was just something odd about Demi's coat. Perhaps it's the strange bow-tied strings instead of buttons, or the full length stretch of what looks like velvet (or suede, perhaps?) down the front? Whatever it is, I can't quite put my finger on it. Gorgeous gold sequined shoes, though.
My opinion? I think it's a miss, personally. But what do you all think? Did the Devil-in-an-Angel's-disguise get it right? Or oh so wrong?



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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Whitney starts a craze and Alice inspires pride

Who watched The Hills last night? Me! On the internet, of course. It seems that, although the show is still just as entertaining as usual, it has lost any last gleaming prospect of reality it ever had. Heidi and Spencer don't even seem to pretend that what they're saying isn't scripted anymore, but that's ok - they're storyline bored me last night anyway. And Lauren and Whitney seemed to have gotten away with just a little bit too much when in real life, they probably would have been fired. But no matter, the show remains one of my favourites, and I know I'm not the only one. Lol.
Anyway, if I were ever to compare myself to an animal, a magpie would be it. Why, you ask? I'm attracted to anything shiny! Lol. I simply could not take my eyes off a particular hair accessory Whitney was sporting on last night's episode: her Tasha Three Crystal Link Satin headband of course. I have been manically searching for the headband all day, and found I wasn't the only one who noticed this particular piece of gorgeous-ness.
I finally found it (along with some other super cute headbands from Tasha, all pictured), on the Shop Nordstrom website selling for approx. $70AUD ($52USD). I had to ask myself, is $70 just too much to pay for a headband? Even one as stunningly elegant as this? I couldn't decide so I was hoping you all could help me...

If you're answer is yes, $70 really is too much to pay for a headband (even one as stunningly elegant as this), then don't worry I also found some other nice, skinny headbands (so hot right now) over at Tano No I've never heard of this site either, lol, but you've got to admit they've got some pretty cute headbands. And all for under $20 - pretty cool, eh?

A picture of a model wearing a headscarf (scarf used as a headband - love it) from the early 1970s.
This is a perfect demonstration of the old-school headband trend -- someone revive this, please.

I think I may be obsessed. Well, not really, but I'm coming close to it. Every time I see Alice Burdeu strutting her stuff on a runway, or proving her talents as a model I feel an instant surge of...pride. It's crazy I know, because once upon a time (i.e. during and right after her stint on Australia's Next Top Model) I was 100% resentful about Alice breaking into the modeling world. Despite my nasty comments about her back then, I think I always knew she would do well - I mean, look at her.

Alice's success is inspiring to any aspiring Australian model. Mainly because, after walking for big names such as Proenza Schouler, Dries Van Noten and Marchesa, among many, many others, as well as being the face of Australian beauty giant Napoleon Perdis, Alice is now the most successful winner of not only Australia's Next Top Model, but any syndication of the show internationally.
Go Alice!

Wow. That was one long post. Lol.



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Sunday, 23 March 2008

Hot New Trend: knit beret

Ok, so it's not exactly a new trend, but it's still hot. The knit beret. Normally, woolen beanie-type hats are meant to be worn during the colder months (they would seem extremely out-of-place, and not in a good way, being worn during summer). But the knit beret has holes, making it lighter and trendier. Best paired with dark sunnies, a flowing top and tight jeans tucked under boots (add a scarf for warmth, if needed). I'm not the biggest Vanessa Hudgens fan (whom I consider to be the "face" of knit berets, these days), but one can't deny she has style. Personally, I'm all for this trend. Unfortunately, I fear that I may have the wrong shaped head for a hat such as this.
Cameron Diaz, Ashley Tisdale, Keri Russell and
Vanessa Hudgens are all big fans of the knit beret.

Want to know where to find your own? These days, as winter is looming ever closer (yay! I love winter), knit berets and the like are not hard to find - head down to any department store and you're sure to find one in any shape or colour. Specifically, dotti stocks this particular style below...

The pom-pom gives it a really Scottish feel, no? Normally, I would not like this type of hat (above) at all, but the spirit of winter is getting the better of me, and I can't help but think the hat's adorable!
I don't think I'd have the courage to actually wear a hat with a pom-pom this size out in public, unfortunately - in that regard, the plain, flat knit beret is definitely for me.
What do you all think? Is this trend here to stay? Or does it need to go?



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Friday, 21 March 2008

Just a Paparazzi Shot? Or Something More...?

I had the idea for this post quite a while ago so these photos are quite old, but Easter vacation just started so I've had a lot more time to blog than usual. Anyway...
There are two types of pictures I'm talking about. Firstly, there are the very beautiful, chance photos taken by a paparazzo, or someone with a camera handy, that look like they could be from a photo shoot, or some sort of ad campaign. These usually go unnoticed, but photos are a huge part of my life, as well as the lives of many bloggers that I come across during my daily 'blog rounds', so this post isn't just for me, really. It's for anyone who understands the importance of pictures.
Secondly, there's the career-making photos that can either be taken by chance or, carefully planned and hunted down. These photos make headlines around the world. A picture's worth a thousand words, after all...
Beautiful by chance...
Hilary Duff
I stumbled across this paparazzi shot a while ago, on I don't know if it's the wonderful contrast of colour (dark weather and clothes, bright red umbrella and coffee cup), or the inanimate raindrops captured perfectly still, but this photo is an instant classic in my book.

Paris Hilton
Don't worry, in no way am I referring to this shot as beautiful. It's mainly here because I, personally, see it as...captivating. I'm not a huge Paris Hilton fan, but back when Ms Hilton was in Australia, frolicking on Bondi Beach, this photo was making 6pm news nationwide (just to showcase Paris' open sexuality, I believe), and I took notice. It is very sexual, but there's something graceful, yet edgy at the same time about it.
I guess I just have a thing for photos featuring drops of water mid-action.

Kate Bosworth
As I've previously mentioned, I love this photo. It's so retro, and could totally just be a nostalgic photo from someone's photo album. There's just something about it...

Head-Lines, Here We Come...
Ok, so this didn't exactly make headlines, but it definitely caused a stir.
The story:
the picture on the left is the poster for Lindsay Lohan's 2006 movie 'Just My Luck', and on the right is the picture (not the exact one, I couldn't find it) that the poster 'ripped-off'. A paparazzo doing the daily 'Lindsay rounds' snapped this gem, and apparently after Lindsay failed to get a good enough picture during a photoshoot for the poster, they decided to use this one. I remember seeing it in a magazine a little while ago. I knew this poster looked familiar...

Gisele is one tough cookie.
The story:
during a taping for the 2002 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, four PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) protesters managed to get up on stage, carrying these signs ('Gisele Fur Scum') chasing Gisele down the runway. But the supermodel, just tried to ignore them and kept on walking like the absolute professional she is. The protester's were later led away by security, and news of the incident made headlines around the world. Why Gisele, you ask? Maybe because she had just been coined a supermodel at the time? But the fact that she'd signed a modelling contract with American Fur company Blackglama probably didn't help...

It was the photo that started a chain of events that would catapult Kate Moss into a world of ΓΌber-fame, eventually securing her more modelling contracts than before the incident. I'm a little fuzzy on the details but here's the basic story as far as I know it: back in 2005, whilst in a London recording studio with then-boyfriend Pete Doherty, Kate Moss was photographed snorting cocaine by a reporter, seemingly un-phased about being caught in the act. Kate was soon dropped as the face of campaigns for H&M, Chanel and Burberry. She then released this public apology "I take full responsibility for my actions. I also accept that there are various personal issues that I need to address and have started taking the difficult, yet necessary, steps to resolve them," she said. "I want to apologize to all of the people I have let down because of my behaviour which has reflected badly on my family, friends, co-workers, business associates and others." Friends such as Naomi, Helena, Johnny Depp and Alexander McQueen publicly defended Kate, but in early 2006 she was arrested in Britain, only to be released after 6 months due to lack of evidence (photos of alleged-drug use don't stand up in court).
Today Kate is the second highest-earning supermodel after Gisele, with Moss earning $USD9 million dollars over the last 12 months.

I'm sure there are a thousand more of these beautiful photos being taken as I type this very post, but these are the only ones I could rustle up in time. So, with that in mind, I was thinking of making this an ongoing thing. Think of it as an ode to all the photography/fashion/celebrity lovers out there, myself included.
Let me know what you think. The importance of pictures - go or no?

EDIT: many of you were commenting that the pictures weren't showing (I guess we all the realise the importance of pictures, now, lol). Thank you for letting me know, that could have been quite embarrassing. Lol.
I made some adjustments so hopefully they're coming up now. If not, let me know in a comment or email, and I'll see what I can do.



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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear finale...part 2

Currently, I'm experiencing a particularly debilitating bout of hiccups, only worsened by my annoyingly slow 15 year old laptop. I know what you're thinking: excuses, excuses...(believe me, I'd be thinking it too, lol). But don't worry, these two factors won't change much, except perhaps I'll hold back a little on the witty and in-depth reviews of the collections - the discomfort from the hiccups and 1-word-a-minute speed of the laptop are really putting my motivation (and, I have to say, my writing skills. Lol) on the wane.
Ah, why can't I have this laptop? Something so opulent and glamorous (note: it's coated in gold, and on top of that covered with Swarovski crystals) is bound to be fast as a speeding bullet, internet-wise, right? It's the new Macbook Air. Thanks to Angel over at Chic Stories (I highly recommend this blog, by the way) for the gorgeous picture!

Now onto Fashion Week. Like I said, the hiccups are causing me a great amount of discomfort (but, hoorah, they have slightly subsided), so the words I use to describe each collection, and my opinions of them, will be limited.
Emilio Pucci
You know what I love about Pucci? His unwavering ability to weave mod fashions into any trend, throughout any season. Patterns and embellishments are his forte, and one must not discount his talent to brighten even the most dull of runways (e.g. above) with his colour palettes. Loving everything here, especially the shoes.

Dark and structured. A typical winter collection, but Karl Lagerfeld manages to include unique additions (e.g. the white inter-belt, left) to what could otherwise be described as 'dull' oufits. Right: I'm not Agyness Deyn's biggest fan, though I must admit her originality and spunk are really quite endearing, but I really love this outfit so it's all good.

I think I remember reading on, something about the theme of this show. I didn't catch what the theme was, but judging from the outfits (and, of course, the Victorian-style carpet decked runway), it's quite easy to guess what that theme was. Personally, my interpretation was 'wintry London' - no, I've never been (one day, one day...) but my love for the city has lead to extensive photographic and televisual research of anything featuring London. These three were my favourites, I couldn't just pick one (minus the fur on the far left open-coat).

Luisa Becarria
I'm pretty sure I only discovered Luisa B. (as I affectionately refer to the brand as. Lol) last season, or possibly the season before, but never-the-less it's already one of my most-anticipated shows of Fashion Week. This collection was very...snowy. The epitome of winter femininity, accentuated by sheer materials, lace trims, white tights and, of course, a pastel palette.

Bits and Bobs
Left: this is one of the most beautiful dresses I've seen in a long time. Feminine and floral, with a gorgeous olive hue - but one doesn't usually see these kinds of dresses during winter, yes? Middle: Oh Stella, Stella, Stella. Some may say you're collections are all the same but I don't care! Lol. I love my massive pull-overs, and this one looks to be as good as it gets. Practical and pretty. What more could you want? Right: and who could forget the Viktor & Rolf show? Their statement was obvious, of course, but was it practical? To put in in terms they'll understand: NO. Lol. But seriously, fashion doesn't always necessarily have to be about practicality, I suppose. Viktor & Rolf's designs are really growing on me - and as much as this collection wasn't really my cup-of-tea, one can't deny that the messages conveyed through their designs hang around long after the visual is gone.

Well, that is ALL for Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear. I can't believe it's finally over, covering this season has taken a ridiculous amount of time.
Can't wait till next season! Lol. Nah, just kidding, Fashion Week is hella fun.


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Sunday, 16 March 2008

It's a fug, fug world out there...

As many of you may know, the comedy geniuses behind the extremely popular fashion (or rather, anti-fashion, at times) website Go Fug Yourself, have for a while now been writing regular blog posts for New York Magazine's fashion blog The Cut. Well, I was checking the updates on Perez today when I cam across a particularly nasty review of Lauren Conrad's Fall 08 collection.
Lauren Conrad after her Fall 08 fashion show.

Of course, I soon realised that the review was written by the Fug Girls. Now usually, they're opinions are similar to mine, except more extreme (a lot more extreme. Lol) - but as I was reading, I didn't find myself thinking Oh this is harsh...but true (like usual). Instead I was just thinking, oh this is just unnecessarily mean. Obviously, there will be others out there (non-Hills fans of course) who will agree whole-heartedly with the Fug Girls. But I , for one, and not one of those others. Here are some 'highlights' of the review:

Attending last night’s Lauren Conrad Collection show at L.A.'s Fashion Week felt a lot like being dropped into the middle of an episode of The Hills — potentially juicy, questionably styled, ultimately a bit plotless, and yet strangely amusing.
Also absent from the venue was anyone recognizable from Lauren’s former place of employment (er, “employment”), Teen Vogue, any celebrities willing to admit they totally love The Hills, or any decent fashion. We don’t say that with (much) glee. We went into the show completely prepared to like it, to be embarrassed by liking it, and to spend the rest of the week being defensive about liking it. This did not happen.
...we got paper-thin leggings with lazy and plain triangle shirts, cheap-looking fabric more befitting a Target line than anything you’d pay boutique prices for, and a terrible color palette that would give Michael Kors an aneurysm.
We understand the desire to strike while the iron of her celebrity is hot, but, overall, the effort felt very young, in the sense that Lauren probably needs a few more years of design school before she’s ready to take on anything this ambitious.
Photos do the line more favors than an up-close look — hardly anything was properly fitted, many of the dresses bunched in the back, and one model’s boobs were totally squeezing out of the top of her dress.
So despite all that dramatic potential, in the end, we found ourselves aching for Spencer and Heidi to storm the fortress and cause some real shenanigans.

Jackie Tube Top -- Sophia dress -- Nicole skirt
All from Lauren's Spring 08 collection.

A look from Lauren Conrad's Fall 08 collection.
I haven't seen all of the collection, so I guess I'm not in much of a position to judge. But this is an issue that crops up regularly: celebrities turned designers, do they deserve the credit? In my opinion, the answer is always depending on the circumstance. In Lauren's case, I believe the circumstance is a little more forgiving, considering she did at least go to fashion school (unlike her 'rival' Heidi Montag, who has coincidentally also just released a fashion line).

What do you all think? Did the Fug Girls cross the line? Or am I just being way too sensitive?



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Saturday, 15 March 2008

What do you get when you mix a supermodel and an NBA superstar? April Vogue US cover, of course! When I first heard speculation about this cover (it was only last week, confirmation came very late this time around), I thought it was an extremely strange choice for a Vogue cover. But now I see it's a pretty awesome cover (LeBron looks a bit scary, though, and I'm not 100% sure about Gisele's dress), and if one were ever to choose a supermodel and an NBA star to put on the cover of their high fashion magazine, these two would be it. They are some of the most successful of their industries, after all.

Notice some of the headlines. One in particular is annoying me: You Are (not) What You Eat: Debunking Diet Myths. Vogue is a fashion magazine - not Women's Weekly. Does anyone else find this strange? Maybe I'm just nit picking but Vogue Australia is making the same mistakes too, except instead of confusing themselves with a lifestyle mag, they're confusing themselves with a teen mag.
Don't get me wrong, I love both of these types of magazines, and maybe it's just me, but I buy Vogue because it's supposed to be the how-to-translate-runway-trends bible not the how-to-get-your-boyfriend-back bible.

Having said all that, my addiction to Vogue remains the same. Lol. Let me know if you all are sick of hearing me express my annoyance at the Vogue teams' confusion.



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Monday, 10 March 2008

Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear finale

...part 1.
As much as I was a bit disappointed at this season's ready-to-wear collections as a whole, I have to say there were a few bits and bobs from almost every collection that I found appealing. Of course, I'm not going to write about of all them - just the ones I couldn't bring myself not to write about.
Starting with...
Christian Dior
Anyone who's read my blog before, or even glanced at my profile page, would know that I just love Christian Dior. John Galliano's designs for Dior never cease to impress me and always leave me weak at the knees. That is, until now. It really pains me to write about a Dior collection that I didn't absolutely love. Don't get me wrong, I did like it, but for some reason I don't really see this collection as living up to usual Dior standard.

These five looks that I've uploaded are all gorgeous! But overall, the collection was not my favourite, as it were. But that's enough criticism for now. As always, the use of colour in a Dior collection is just blindingly creative. I'm in love with not just the pattern, material and cut of this gown on the left, but everything about the look as a whole: shape, the hair, makeup etc.

John Galliano
Another whimsical, fantastical (and pretty much any other adjective ending in 'ical' you can imagine) collection from the creative genius that is John Galliano. To be honest, I found the spring collection personally more appealing but this one definitely still had its moments. From the first glance, one can immediately guess Galliano's inspiration for this season: Paul Poiret ("King of Fashion" - a French fashion designer who was influential in the early 1900s).
The long pastel blue cardigan on the left is just to die for.

Louis Vuitton
After seeing, and not particularly liking, Marc Jacobs' own collection from NY Fashion Week, I was a little worried as to how the Luis Vuitton collection would turn out. But never fear - I loved it! Everything, namely the long trench coats, looked so...soft. It was beautiful. Extremely classy. It's nice to see a return to days of classic Louis Vuitton. I can definitely see this gorgeous gown on the right turning up (accompanied by an A-List Hollywood starlet, of course) at a red carpet event sometime soon.
But, above everything else, when it comes to an LV collection what's the first thing we look at? The accessories, of course. Don't worry, it's looks to be an extremely classy (and pastel coloured) season of IT bags this time around.

Anna Sui
One can immediately tell that Anna Sui employed the "more is more" and "so wrong it's right" mentalities when it came to thinking up this collection. But you know what? It totally worked. Although, the props should probably go to the stylist (that could be the designer herself, also, I'm too sure actually), because sans the incredible styling of this collection, it probably wouldn't have been as aesthetically pleasing.
Loving the purple tights Lily Donaldson (middle) is sporting.

I've never been a big Balenciaga fan (although perhaps it's just a matter of letting their pieces grow on me? Ha! Oh my, that sounded a bit weird. You know what I mean - I need to give them time before I can like them). But this collection was a real turning point. Chic, structured, classy, but with the odd ethnic touch here and there.
My future with Balenciaga seems to have potential.

Ever since I first discovered the fashionably creative wonder that is Blumarine, last year, I've eagerly awaited their oncoming collections. This was probably one of my favourite shows this season. I loved everything about it, so there's no point going into detail about it all. It would take up too much time! Lol.

Very wearable, especially the look on the left (perfect for a day at the office, or even a picnic with friends, no?). Somehow I can't see head-to-toe leopard print looking good anywhere other than the runway, but no matter this is still one of my favourite looks. It is now my mission to own those leopard print boots! Lol.

Was it just me, or was this Chanel collection extremely nautical? Lol. Loved it. Chanel is just one of those 'always-a-stunner' collections - wearable, chic, and the epitome of class. Any praise I give would just be repeating myself really, so let's just leave it at: wonderful.

Stay tuned for part two of my Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear finale series.



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Saturday, 8 March 2008

Top 40 Magazine Covers of the Last 40 Years

Wow. This will be my first real post in weeks. It feels so good to be writing about fashion, beauty and all things pop culture again! I thought, before I do a post on my favourite shows from Fall 08 which I missed out on blogging about during my absence (I've been looking at all the collections and compiling a fairly extensive post, as far as I'm concerned. Lol), I would blog about one of my other favourite things: magazines! I came across this list, which unfortunately is from 2005 (but I don't recall any particularly ground-breaking covers being published in the last 3 years, feel free to put me in my place if I'm wrong lol), of the American Society of Magazine Editors' list of the Top 40 Magazine Covers of the Last 40 Years. I thought it would be all covers from indie-artsy mags, don't get me wrong there's plenty of those lol, but I was pleasantly surprised to see a few fashion magazine covers made the list.
Of course, number one was this image of John Lennon and Yoko Ono on Rolling Stone magazine, January 22, 1981. It's a pretty powerful cover, I think.

#9 -- #15
Wow two Harper's Bazaar covers in the one list. Left (September 1992): made the list because it's a "creative typeface and avant-garde image of Linda Evangelista". Right (April 1965): made the list because it's an "emblem of the sixties".

This cover, May 2004, shows Nicole Kidman wearing a Christian Lacroix oyster satin backless dress, and was the first cover shoot for Vogue by photographer Irving Penn since 1989.

My personal favourite of these four is the Vogue with Nicole on the cover. It's so beautifully shot and styled and the small amount of writing is a welcome change. Which is your favourite of these? Or any others out there?



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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Moderately back in action

I just got an ancient laptop, the other day. If you're reading this post, completely disregard it. It's just a tester, to see whether or not this thing works with Blogger.
Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret...
Sorry, I just finished reading the 3rd book in the Pretty Little Liars series - I'm obsessed! Can't wait until book 4!