Monday, 10 March 2008

Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear finale

...part 1.
As much as I was a bit disappointed at this season's ready-to-wear collections as a whole, I have to say there were a few bits and bobs from almost every collection that I found appealing. Of course, I'm not going to write about of all them - just the ones I couldn't bring myself not to write about.
Starting with...
Christian Dior
Anyone who's read my blog before, or even glanced at my profile page, would know that I just love Christian Dior. John Galliano's designs for Dior never cease to impress me and always leave me weak at the knees. That is, until now. It really pains me to write about a Dior collection that I didn't absolutely love. Don't get me wrong, I did like it, but for some reason I don't really see this collection as living up to usual Dior standard.

These five looks that I've uploaded are all gorgeous! But overall, the collection was not my favourite, as it were. But that's enough criticism for now. As always, the use of colour in a Dior collection is just blindingly creative. I'm in love with not just the pattern, material and cut of this gown on the left, but everything about the look as a whole: shape, the hair, makeup etc.

John Galliano
Another whimsical, fantastical (and pretty much any other adjective ending in 'ical' you can imagine) collection from the creative genius that is John Galliano. To be honest, I found the spring collection personally more appealing but this one definitely still had its moments. From the first glance, one can immediately guess Galliano's inspiration for this season: Paul Poiret ("King of Fashion" - a French fashion designer who was influential in the early 1900s).
The long pastel blue cardigan on the left is just to die for.

Louis Vuitton
After seeing, and not particularly liking, Marc Jacobs' own collection from NY Fashion Week, I was a little worried as to how the Luis Vuitton collection would turn out. But never fear - I loved it! Everything, namely the long trench coats, looked so...soft. It was beautiful. Extremely classy. It's nice to see a return to days of classic Louis Vuitton. I can definitely see this gorgeous gown on the right turning up (accompanied by an A-List Hollywood starlet, of course) at a red carpet event sometime soon.
But, above everything else, when it comes to an LV collection what's the first thing we look at? The accessories, of course. Don't worry, it's looks to be an extremely classy (and pastel coloured) season of IT bags this time around.

Anna Sui
One can immediately tell that Anna Sui employed the "more is more" and "so wrong it's right" mentalities when it came to thinking up this collection. But you know what? It totally worked. Although, the props should probably go to the stylist (that could be the designer herself, also, I'm too sure actually), because sans the incredible styling of this collection, it probably wouldn't have been as aesthetically pleasing.
Loving the purple tights Lily Donaldson (middle) is sporting.

I've never been a big Balenciaga fan (although perhaps it's just a matter of letting their pieces grow on me? Ha! Oh my, that sounded a bit weird. You know what I mean - I need to give them time before I can like them). But this collection was a real turning point. Chic, structured, classy, but with the odd ethnic touch here and there.
My future with Balenciaga seems to have potential.

Ever since I first discovered the fashionably creative wonder that is Blumarine, last year, I've eagerly awaited their oncoming collections. This was probably one of my favourite shows this season. I loved everything about it, so there's no point going into detail about it all. It would take up too much time! Lol.

Very wearable, especially the look on the left (perfect for a day at the office, or even a picnic with friends, no?). Somehow I can't see head-to-toe leopard print looking good anywhere other than the runway, but no matter this is still one of my favourite looks. It is now my mission to own those leopard print boots! Lol.

Was it just me, or was this Chanel collection extremely nautical? Lol. Loved it. Chanel is just one of those 'always-a-stunner' collections - wearable, chic, and the epitome of class. Any praise I give would just be repeating myself really, so let's just leave it at: wonderful.

Stay tuned for part two of my Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear finale series.



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Angel said...

Great choice! I really liked Blumarine apparel and colours from Christian Dior.

ChiliLady said...

the dior-hair looks insane!!!

coco said...

When is Chanel ever bad? I love it
I also really liked Dior this time round as well
There is a reason they are clasic labels
And I agree Vanessa has a great power to get Johnny to commit, I think they are a much better couple than him and Moss

On Track said...

I love all the pictures you posted, I just need a million dollars to go and buy all my favourite outfits now ;) I love nautical style, it is one of my favourites, so Im very excited to see the new chanel outfits :D

p.s. I added you back, thank you so much for linking me

Wendy said...

The collections you posted about were all amazing!

Aisha said...

Great great selections (;
I felt a little dissapointed this year too, last year i couldn't choose my top5, because i had too many options. These year, i think balenciaga, alexander wang's and anna sui's are on my top3

A.N said...

Balenciaga outfit looks stunning.
Especially the black and white one.
The Blumarine line looks so so pretty!

Fashion's Darling said...

I absolutely LOVE Dior (in my book Dior and Chanel can do no wrong). With that said, it's obvious that I love john Galliano this season.

Thanks for commenting...

Keep up the good work, ur blog's gorgeous...can we xchange links?

Camilla said...

I'm inlove with the tights at Chanel<3

hannah said...

im loving anna sui, as always. and balenciaga was really beautiful. you choose basically all my favorite collections!

oh, and im not sure why that photo of edie is my favorite. i just get drawn to certain photos and cant stop looking at them. dont you?

thank you so much for leaving so many wonderful comments on my blog. you are very kind.

jadorevogue said...

I thought Louis Vuitton was a lot better than previous seasons, but still not really my thing. And I'm just loving Balenciaga.
I on the other hand did not like the animal prints at blumarine - just too much.

Marilyn Hayward said...

nice coverage! and thanks for the great comment...we should link up!

Marilyn Hayward said...

nice coverage! and thanks for the great comment...we should link up!

Romany said...

On Track: I also love nautical style - there's such a distinct Parisian quality about nautical fashion. And you're very welcome for the link, I just love your blog! :)
Aisha: Oh I know what you mean - for Spring definitely, choosing a top 5 was impossible but this time around it's a little easier, and I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing...? Loved the Erin Wasson collaboration with Wang.
Fashion's Darling: thank you, and you're always welcome, of course we can trade links - I'll favourite you right now. ;)
Camilla: I agree - I think the Chanel tights are going to HUGE this winter. Here's hoping! :)
Hannah: I do know exactly what you mean about the photos. I get that feeling photos of beautiful beaches lol.
Marylin: Sure I'd love to! I'll add you right now. :)

Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments! :)

Secretista said...

I love the leopard ensemble. WOO!

Secretista said...

P.S you've been added to my read section.

bronwyn said...

Nice round-up. I like your Louis Vuitton choices, I love the dress on the right, beautiful colours and silhouette.

enc said...

You have good taste!