Friday, 28 March 2008

Actresses Who Should Be Models // Hit or Miss?

Last night was an interesting night, that's for sure. The official plans were to go to the cinema and see a movie, then The Bunch (there was about 8 of us) were to publicly transport ourselves back to one girl's house and stay the night. What ensued was a night of of being rained on, waiting 20 minutes for trams after midnight more than once (no joke), an after hours McDonald's stop (I sat that one out) and 3 consecutively bad movies.
There were two high points:
  • Quentin Tarantino's newest film Death Proof. Oh my it was...ah, how to describe it? At the end, I felt like it was pointless. But after 24 hours, now I'm ready to see it again. It was great! I highly recommend it!
  • The movie we saw, the basis of the entire event-filled night, St. Trinian's. Before I saw this, I completely wrote it off as crap, judging from the trailer. But I couldn't be more glad we ended up seeing it. It was definitely one of those so-bad-it's-good movies, but with an element of utter hilarity! Again, I highly recommend this.
Something I found myself thinking during St. Trinian's, was that the leading actress, of the younger cast, Talulah Riley, fell into the category of starlets that I've personally labeled Actresses Who Should Be Models. Now, don't get me wrong, the feeling has nothing to do with their acting talent. But I often find that when looking at certain actresses (or actors) I can't help but think Wow. She (or he) is so what the modeling industry is about, right now.

Talulah Riley at the UK premiere of St. Trinian's.

But maybe it's just me?

I think this girl is gorgeous. If the acting thing doesn't work out, she's got no worries about a back up career.
Of course, Talulah isn't the only girl who falls into this category. But, I've put myself on the spot now, and can't think of any others.
Do you all have anybody else to place on this list? Male or female..?


Hit or Miss?
Demi Moore is everywhere right now, promoting her new film Flawless. Here she is visiting the Letterman show in New York City. Now that we're heading into the colder months, I'm all for long trench coats. Especially black ones (so hot right now). But as I was looking over this set of photos, I felt like there was just something odd about Demi's coat. Perhaps it's the strange bow-tied strings instead of buttons, or the full length stretch of what looks like velvet (or suede, perhaps?) down the front? Whatever it is, I can't quite put my finger on it. Gorgeous gold sequined shoes, though.
My opinion? I think it's a miss, personally. But what do you all think? Did the Devil-in-an-Angel's-disguise get it right? Or oh so wrong?



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Angel said...

Well, I think you are right! May be they are very talented, but they must have something more in order to be the 2nd Scarlett Johansson or even better. So, why not think about model business?

Jelenie said...

Demi always look frumpy to me. Esp when I heard yesterday that she uses leeches, LEECHES as some kind of beauty therapy. That's just wrong.

hannah said...

i dont really like that look on demi. maybe its the drop waist or something, it just doesnt flatter her. i think that a classic style trech is always the way to go.

enc said...

I think you're right about Talulah Riley, she's gorgeous.

As for Demi Moore, I don't particularly care for what she's wearing here. But that's not saying much; in general, I'm not that thrilled with her style, anyway. So it's not really fair for me to weigh in. Now that I've weighed in! ;)

Adele said...

haha i really didnt like st trinians but im glad you enjoyed it! the main girl is stunning!
oh and yeah the dark knight looks amazing im so excited to see it :)x

Meg said...

Tallulah Riley is stunning, and so versatile too! The scene with the diff. makeovers was a bit like a portfolio because she worked each look. Chloe (? posh girl with curly blonde hair) was also gorgeous.

glamourgirl said...

wow, i agree, Talulah Riley is beautiful! she could definatley make it as a model.

& thanks for the nice post you left on my blog!

WendyB said...

I agree, the coat is odd on Demi.

Sunniva said...

Talulah Riley is very pretty, and so "right now"
agree that Demi's outfit is a miss
it seems too big for her and it's shapeless and just plain odd

how nice that you like my header ! I know, who better to have than Chloe ;)

I really like your blog xxx

Jen said...

Totally agree that Talulah Riley is gorgeous. I like Demi's outfit but it needs accessorising- Coloured tights, brighter shoes or a big chunky gold statement necklace

Addison said...

wow, Talulah Riley is STUNNING! Beautiful! Ive been meaning to see Death Proof for ages now, i just never seem to get around it... Hmmm

Demi looks ok. Kinda boring. But nothing horrible.

And yes, Jared Leto is pure sex! I saw him in the supermarket in LA, with a cap pulled down over his face and yes, I followed him from a distance and watched as he put fruit loops and beer in his trolley...

SICK. said...

talulah looks a bit like miranda kerr i think.


LINDA said...

Talulah - perhaps. She is gorgeous, but I've seen the same type of beauty on others. =P

Demi - I don't believe so.

Then again, I hardly know anything about the "requirements" for modeling. It's much too difficult for me to fully understand since I've always believed beauty to be in the "eye of the beholder." =P

coco said...

I really like Demi
I think she could have done better than that black dress for Letterman
It kind of aged her, but I do still think she is fab
Her and Ashton are my favourite celebrity couple!

Kira Fashion said...

Did you watch Flawless?

i think the movie is amazing and the clothes that she wears in the movie are something close to, if you compare with the looks of the film, that look is not so much...maybe she needs to be more well dressed next time :)

a kiss and a hug,
Thanks a lot for your care,

SKYLA said...

that's funny i thought the exact same thing about that girl! Particularly when they do 'THE makeover' and they show the sets of photos where she's trying out different looks.
Great post

riz said...

not a comment on the post exaaaactly, :) but I have to say I am still working my way up to watching Death Proof...not sure if I can stomach it yet!

Romany said...

Jelenie: oh yes I heard about the leeches thing! Isn't it the grossest thing you've EVER heard?!?!?

Meg: I loved that makeover scene! That was what really solidified in my mind that she could totally be a model...

KiraFashion: no I haven't seen flawless yet - but I guess based on your review it sounds great! Maybe I will see it? ;)

riz: Death Proof is so worth it! But you're right, it's horrendously gory, but only sporadically...

Thanks for all the comments! :)