Sunday, 23 March 2008

Hot New Trend: knit beret

Ok, so it's not exactly a new trend, but it's still hot. The knit beret. Normally, woolen beanie-type hats are meant to be worn during the colder months (they would seem extremely out-of-place, and not in a good way, being worn during summer). But the knit beret has holes, making it lighter and trendier. Best paired with dark sunnies, a flowing top and tight jeans tucked under boots (add a scarf for warmth, if needed). I'm not the biggest Vanessa Hudgens fan (whom I consider to be the "face" of knit berets, these days), but one can't deny she has style. Personally, I'm all for this trend. Unfortunately, I fear that I may have the wrong shaped head for a hat such as this.
Cameron Diaz, Ashley Tisdale, Keri Russell and
Vanessa Hudgens are all big fans of the knit beret.

Want to know where to find your own? These days, as winter is looming ever closer (yay! I love winter), knit berets and the like are not hard to find - head down to any department store and you're sure to find one in any shape or colour. Specifically, dotti stocks this particular style below...

The pom-pom gives it a really Scottish feel, no? Normally, I would not like this type of hat (above) at all, but the spirit of winter is getting the better of me, and I can't help but think the hat's adorable!
I don't think I'd have the courage to actually wear a hat with a pom-pom this size out in public, unfortunately - in that regard, the plain, flat knit beret is definitely for me.
What do you all think? Is this trend here to stay? Or does it need to go?



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Trendini said...

love the beret! need me one asap!
thanks for the comments, I have added you on my blogroll :)

Deanna said...

personally, i LOVE the beret. i only have one (it's black) and i adore it, however i must admit i have a hard time matching things with it.

i do love how keri russell is wearing it though - especially adding the accent of the scarf. i'll have to give it a try!


Fashion's Darling said...

I'm biased...I love this trend. Normally I ignore something when its done by SO many people but...I caved. I found the most perfect beret that fit my awkwardly big head and I never take it off. So I hope this trend stays...for a little bit longer.

Thanks for the comment. I'm feeeling slightly better...just keep on keepin' on y'know.

coco said...

I loved Cameron Diaz in her knitted hat
so sweet!

riz said...

I can only wear berets and fedora's for some reason all other shapes look hideous on me! - Street style & romance in Paris said...


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Secretista said...

Haha. I think my head might be the wrong shape also!

I'm actually not a fan of the look--sorry. I think it's over done. Butt, it can look cute. Buttt, I would never wear one.

Angel said...

They really look great! Although, they look awful on me, I still think, berets are so hot and stylish!

ღ mey ♥¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨♥ღ said...

how awsome!
i love this knit beret, i want one!!
im so happy cause winter is coming here!

kisses xoxo

saray said...

love beret!
but i hate it with my hair..
he is way too curly!

love your blog!


Miss at la Playa said...

answering the question you asked on my blog, I think Mario Testino Let Me in! book is quite good, the pictures are lovely and very original

maveri_ck<3 said...

i love the beret look, but deifnitly not on me and i think theres a time and place to wear them.. once it gets warmer people should stop wearing them because its more of a fall/winter look i think

Tinsley said...

I love berets
No matter how corny it is , I always feel very mysterious and parisian (haha)

hannah said...

i love them too. i have a couple actually, one of those berets that vanessa is wearing that doesnt actually keep your ears warm from urban outfitters, and a vera wang one that actually covers my ears, people have actually asked me if im trying to look like a stoner when im wearing it (i always thought i looked chic, not high...)

and you are too sweet for adding me to your favorites. i love your blog as well, your posts are always so well thought out, interesting and lovely.

Addison said...

slouchy knit berets are my favourite! Ive had my red one for years now and its still in high rotation. Yay, bring on winter!


miss_vogue said...

i can dig it, but i dont know if i can pull it off!

On Track said...

Cameron Diaz has such a great sense of style.

I am DYING for that pompom beret that you posted, it is SO cute and cosy :)

addicted said...

im mildly obsessed with knit berets! your blog is excellent! so happy i stumbled upon it!

Pınar said...

thanks for visiting my are also good at trends:)..i will keep checking from now on..would be glad if you add me to your favourites.

enc said...

I got a grey, cashmere knit beret this winter. I love it.

aschlee said...

Those are super cute... I was looking into getting something similar to a knit beret for when I go visit my BF cos it's still snowing there :P

Good taste.

Anonymous said...

the beret is my love!<3
u can wear it with anything..jeans, a dress, skirts. its perfect specially the different colors that are out there!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! (:

Anonymous said...




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