Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear finale...part 2

Currently, I'm experiencing a particularly debilitating bout of hiccups, only worsened by my annoyingly slow 15 year old laptop. I know what you're thinking: excuses, excuses...(believe me, I'd be thinking it too, lol). But don't worry, these two factors won't change much, except perhaps I'll hold back a little on the witty and in-depth reviews of the collections - the discomfort from the hiccups and 1-word-a-minute speed of the laptop are really putting my motivation (and, I have to say, my writing skills. Lol) on the wane.
Ah, why can't I have this laptop? Something so opulent and glamorous (note: it's coated in gold, and on top of that covered with Swarovski crystals) is bound to be fast as a speeding bullet, internet-wise, right? It's the new Macbook Air. Thanks to Angel over at Chic Stories (I highly recommend this blog, by the way) for the gorgeous picture!

Now onto Fashion Week. Like I said, the hiccups are causing me a great amount of discomfort (but, hoorah, they have slightly subsided), so the words I use to describe each collection, and my opinions of them, will be limited.
Emilio Pucci
You know what I love about Pucci? His unwavering ability to weave mod fashions into any trend, throughout any season. Patterns and embellishments are his forte, and one must not discount his talent to brighten even the most dull of runways (e.g. above) with his colour palettes. Loving everything here, especially the shoes.

Dark and structured. A typical winter collection, but Karl Lagerfeld manages to include unique additions (e.g. the white inter-belt, left) to what could otherwise be described as 'dull' oufits. Right: I'm not Agyness Deyn's biggest fan, though I must admit her originality and spunk are really quite endearing, but I really love this outfit so it's all good.

I think I remember reading on Style.com, something about the theme of this show. I didn't catch what the theme was, but judging from the outfits (and, of course, the Victorian-style carpet decked runway), it's quite easy to guess what that theme was. Personally, my interpretation was 'wintry London' - no, I've never been (one day, one day...) but my love for the city has lead to extensive photographic and televisual research of anything featuring London. These three were my favourites, I couldn't just pick one (minus the fur on the far left open-coat).

Luisa Becarria
I'm pretty sure I only discovered Luisa B. (as I affectionately refer to the brand as. Lol) last season, or possibly the season before, but never-the-less it's already one of my most-anticipated shows of Fashion Week. This collection was very...snowy. The epitome of winter femininity, accentuated by sheer materials, lace trims, white tights and, of course, a pastel palette.

Bits and Bobs
Left: this is one of the most beautiful dresses I've seen in a long time. Feminine and floral, with a gorgeous olive hue - but one doesn't usually see these kinds of dresses during winter, yes? Middle: Oh Stella, Stella, Stella. Some may say you're collections are all the same but I don't care! Lol. I love my massive pull-overs, and this one looks to be as good as it gets. Practical and pretty. What more could you want? Right: and who could forget the Viktor & Rolf show? Their statement was obvious, of course, but was it practical? To put in in terms they'll understand: NO. Lol. But seriously, fashion doesn't always necessarily have to be about practicality, I suppose. Viktor & Rolf's designs are really growing on me - and as much as this collection wasn't really my cup-of-tea, one can't deny that the messages conveyed through their designs hang around long after the visual is gone.

Well, that is ALL for Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear. I can't believe it's finally over, covering this season has taken a ridiculous amount of time.
Can't wait till next season! Lol. Nah, just kidding, Fashion Week is hella fun.


[photos courtesy of chicstories.com and style.com]


hannah said...

i love that laptop!

i really enjoyed stellas show. your right, they are always similar, but she always hits the right note with me. i love everything she does.

discothequechic said...

wow, that laptop! talk about bling!

enc said...

That was a nice round-up. Lots to like there.

maveri_ck<3 said...

that laptop is crazy but i would be afraid to take it anywhere for if one of the crystals fell off... i would have one missing from the laptop and then it would look so cheap! but i love it!

Anonymous said...

haha that laptop is super cute :)

saray said...

the laptop is so cute!!

Lynn & Horst said...

the left look on fendi is brillant
can my girl please dress like that?

Angel said...

Oh, thank you so much for mentioning ChicStories. I am on the 9th cloud!

Daphney said...

sorry for taking so long to answer.
I love answering questions, so you can ask me anything.
I'm the girl with the glasses and the bright purple/green scarf
Fashion U was so much fun. I didn't get to meet interns but I got to meet editors, and designers, and I learned so much from that weekend.

Romany said...

Oh I know, how awesome is the laptop? One day, one day...Lol.
Thanks for all the comments! :)