Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Whitney starts a craze and Alice inspires pride

Who watched The Hills last night? Me! On the internet, of course. It seems that, although the show is still just as entertaining as usual, it has lost any last gleaming prospect of reality it ever had. Heidi and Spencer don't even seem to pretend that what they're saying isn't scripted anymore, but that's ok - they're storyline bored me last night anyway. And Lauren and Whitney seemed to have gotten away with just a little bit too much when in real life, they probably would have been fired. But no matter, the show remains one of my favourites, and I know I'm not the only one. Lol.
Anyway, if I were ever to compare myself to an animal, a magpie would be it. Why, you ask? I'm attracted to anything shiny! Lol. I simply could not take my eyes off a particular hair accessory Whitney was sporting on last night's episode: her Tasha Three Crystal Link Satin headband of course. I have been manically searching for the headband all day, and found I wasn't the only one who noticed this particular piece of gorgeous-ness.
I finally found it (along with some other super cute headbands from Tasha, all pictured), on the Shop Nordstrom website selling for approx. $70AUD ($52USD). I had to ask myself, is $70 just too much to pay for a headband? Even one as stunningly elegant as this? I couldn't decide so I was hoping you all could help me...

If you're answer is yes, $70 really is too much to pay for a headband (even one as stunningly elegant as this), then don't worry I also found some other nice, skinny headbands (so hot right now) over at Tano Jewelry.com. No I've never heard of this site either, lol, but you've got to admit they've got some pretty cute headbands. And all for under $20 - pretty cool, eh?

A picture of a model wearing a headscarf (scarf used as a headband - love it) from the early 1970s.
This is a perfect demonstration of the old-school headband trend -- someone revive this, please.

I think I may be obsessed. Well, not really, but I'm coming close to it. Every time I see Alice Burdeu strutting her stuff on a runway, or proving her talents as a model I feel an instant surge of...pride. It's crazy I know, because once upon a time (i.e. during and right after her stint on Australia's Next Top Model) I was 100% resentful about Alice breaking into the modeling world. Despite my nasty comments about her back then, I think I always knew she would do well - I mean, look at her.

Alice's success is inspiring to any aspiring Australian model. Mainly because, after walking for big names such as Proenza Schouler, Dries Van Noten and Marchesa, among many, many others, as well as being the face of Australian beauty giant Napoleon Perdis, Alice is now the most successful winner of not only Australia's Next Top Model, but any syndication of the show internationally.
Go Alice!

Wow. That was one long post. Lol.



[photos courtesy of shop.nordstrom.com, tanojewelry.com, hji.co.uk, elitemodel.com and style.com]


Angel said...

Oh, I perfectly understand you, from the one hand a stunningly beautiful and cool headband and from the other hand it costs an arm and a leg! So, I think you can buy it (if you really really like it) and if it doesn't burn holes in your pockets. Anyway, all these headbands look great!

Alya said...

its really sad how the models on America's Top Model havent really been all too succesful. This one takes the cake though! Really glad!

Kira Fashion said...

hello dear friend!

thanks a lot for passing and commenting at my blog, yours is so amazing!
i love that headbands, so feminine and classy...i just have one, maybe, after that post, i must buy some more! heheheh

a kiss and a hug,


Seraphine said...

$52 Headbands are tricky for me to answer, because I wear them so seldom. Around home, I wear a cheap plastic one to keep the hair from my eyes while moisturising (etc). But when I go out, I don't usually wear one. Yes, if you love it, then buy it. For me, the little plastic ones are more practical. Even if practical is boring!

Molly :] said...

I REALLY need to see the Hills! Seriously, EVERYONE is talking about it and i havent seen it yet!
i like headbands- they look so good but i never wear them cos they dig into my head and it gets too uncomftable.
And from reading your About Me bit i feel the same about wanting to make my mark on the fashion world- what exactly do you want to go into?

Great blog, keep it up
:) x

ellastica said...

Lauren, as far as style goes doesn't do much for me.
Alice is one of the few crop of new models that excites me. She's stunning in a classical not alien way, which is refreshing. I wouldn't go as far to say she's womanly but she doesn't look 14 either which I appreciate. Her looks are very versatile.
The judges on Australian Next Top Model actually know what they're talking about for a change!

Fashion Ivy said...

Love the headbands. I really feel sad for those girls on ANTM

riz said...

i'm definitely catching the Hills rerun tonite at 9! I hope this season has more fashion happenings in it! And I love searching the web for things I see on shows. Personally I thought the show with the best fashion sense was Cashmere Mafia, but I heard they are cutting it, i will be so sad...

AsianCajuns said...

I love the look of headbands, but the plastic ones kill my head. only elastic works for me.

Jelenie said...

I haven't seen an iota of the hills either. Am I missing something?

And I like Alice! She's looking great in her ed in the latest Madison. ;-)

Secretista said...

I wasn't impressed by the Hills on Monday... it was veryyyyy dull. LOL Where's the DRAMA?!!?!?! Heidi and Spencer annoy me... sooooooo much!

Headbandss <33 I've decided that his Spring I will aquire crazy cool headbands to wear everyyyday!

Do you model yourself???

The Hilary Duff song isn't really new since it's off her 07 album, but I guess to people who didn't buy her album it's neww.


On Track said...

Awww... haha you are adorable, a magpie!?! do you swoop at shiny things to? I love shiny things so i can really relate, I am automatically drawn to them weather its in a store or someone is wearing it :D

I havent seen the Hills yet, I wish we got it on normal telly here in Aus but like you I may have to just download it on the internet :)

Addison said...

argh The Hills! hehehe so fantastic. And YES that is far too much to pay for a headband!!! I once made a headband for my little cousin by using black satin ribbon and I stuck on little diamonte/swarovski crystals in a pattern. It looked cute!

Alice was one of my least fave on the show, but she was definately the most 'model-y'. But now Im all patriotic whenever I see her on runways and stuff too! Hehehe

Cant wait for the next aust. top model to start!


s. said...

i loved whitneys head band too! when I told my friend, she was like "how do you notcie these things" but i'm glad someone else did too.. and that paola headband is too cute, but im just a sucker for bows.

ChiliLady said...

I have only seen about 20 minutes ever of this series, the hills.
now, you as a fan, can you tell me why people watch this? no offense at all,, I just wanna know if it's that addictive or whats the appeal :-)

coco said...

I love the hills
I know I shouldn't becuase it is so cheap and fake but there is something so good about it!
Whitney is by the far the best!

enc said...

Those headbands are beautiful.

bronwyn said...

I feel the same way when South African models do well internationally, although there's no one really that I know of at the moment, but we all feel proud of Charlise Theron, she may have her American citizenship now, but to us she'll always be the South African girl who did good.

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Wendy said...

I think the price is too expensive personally. But if you really like the headbands, theres no reason to not buy it.

kate said...

I found an amazing site, www.andreasbeau.com, which is full of affordable but gorgeous headbands made from exotic trims and flowers. The selection is the best I've seen. I've found the ones I've bought to be beautifully made as well as comfortable. They also have soft headbands with adjustable straps! This is a great trend!

discothequechic said...

can completey relate to your love of the hills (i can't help it, it's the ultimate guilty pleasure. and watched with ben and jerrys it's double!)

and I can't believe an ANTM did so well. I though suvi was an exception.

aschlee said...

OOh yeah I totally watched the premiere of 'The Hills.' Have you noticed that Heidi just keeps getting more 'n more cosmetic work done? uuggh she looked SO much better in like season 1.

Sofie said...

@ kate:
thank you for the page (andreasbeau.com)!
it's great. i'm from germany and love headbands. i'm now since few month here and i have to say that headbands here in america are a bigger thing that in germany, but the best headbands i found were on this site. i already bought some and for my friends and my sister, too.

Romany said...

ellastica: you're so right - one of the great things about Alice is that her beauty is quite timeless (in that, she doesn't look alien-like which is so right now, that it will be 'out' sooner or later) which means her success will probably be longer lasting than other models. Yes the judges on AusNTM seem to know what they're talking about. ;)

riz: I adore Cashmere Mafia too! But you're right, the show has been cut. It's ridiculous, if a show doesn't get itself more than 5 million viewers a night, they simply cut it - tv execs annoy me in that way...

Secretista: I know what you mean - The Hills wasn't quite as interesting as usual, so hopefully it will pick up during the season...Whitney is leaving TeenVogue so that should be dramatic! :) Oh no I don't have the body to model at all...I'd love to, it looks like great fun, but perhaps in another life. Lol.

Addison: oh how creative! I wish I had the knack to make my own hair accessories, etc...Yes Alice was my least favourite on the show too - funny how things change like that, eh? ;) Lol.

Chililady: yes definitely catch the Hills if you can! It's very drama, fashion and script-ness heavy. Lol.

bronwyn: Oh I had no idea that Charlize was South African...A friend of my mum's is South African, and she's gorgeous too. It must be something in the water.. :)

Kamel: thank you so much! I will definitely use your photos - they are so beautiful! You're very kind. :)

aschlee: ugh - that's so true. Heidi needs to keep her cahs in her pocket and stop using it for plastic surgery. Oh well, she'll learn someday...

Thank you for all your comments! :)


Anonymous said...