Saturday, 16 June 2007

Shopping and magazines: the perfect way to pass time :-)

Yesterday I went on a special birthday shopping trip. And special it was. My aunty took me to Chapel St (the best shopping district in Melbourne). I was so excited. And I was very glad that I wore my nice clothes, because I noticed as soon as we got there, that the dress code was anything designer. If what the street folk of Chapel are wearing is anything to go by, then say hello to a whole new season of trenches, scarves and boots over jeans. Honestly, everywhere I looked women were wearing this exact combination of clothing. Which is great, those three things are one of my favourite winter trends. Another thing that I saw in abundance: hooded jackets with stretchy sleeves. You know the ones I'm talking about? I'm trying to look up what they're called but the internet is being very unhelpful. Anyway, I've decided I must get my hands on one of those jackets. They are the kind of jacket that almost always has a busy pattern, so be sure to pair them (if you're going to wear them with a pair of boots over your jeans) with a very plain boot. Nothing over-the-top. Let the jacket do the talking ;-). Also, you'll probably need to wear dark jeans, or if you're jacket is already quite dark, then lighter jeans. It's quite simple, really, lol.
I also bought the new WHO magazine (along with a book called 'Pretty Little Liars' by Sara Shepard, and an album 'A Beautiful Lie', 30 Seconds to Mars). It was their sexiest people issue. Now, usually I agree with their Sexiest Man and Woman choices (last year was Jake Gyllenhaal and Scarlett Johansson), but this year's, Brad Pitt and Jessica Alba, I just don't understand. Sure, they're both sexy, but they're also both very 2006. This is the 2007 issue people! It didn't actually get me that riled up, I'm exaggerating because I'm about to go to a party, and I'm nervous that there won't be enough food. Oh dear. My bag (a Guess bag no less, which I'm very proud of) is full to the brim of back-up things: snacks, hair accessories, money. Well, wish me luck.


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