Wednesday, 23 April 2008

When did the world become so cynical?

As some of you may know it was National Compliments Day last Wednesday, my second favourite day after Christmas, and I went to school ready to fire (sincere) compliments at everyone who crossed my path. It didn't go down as well as I'd hoped... My first complimentee was very graceful in accepting my compliment, blushing and even admitted to being on the verge of tears at my kindness (how sweet, right?). But it was all downhill from then on.
I was told that I shouldn't give compliments to each in a big group of people, as there was a risk of the receivers 'comparing compliments' (e.g. "she didn't say that I was amazing, I thought we were supposed to be friends..."); my compliments were sometimes greeted with a blank look, a.k.a. "why the hell are you talking to me?"; and one person even asked me if I was a recovering alcoholic and assumed this was part of my 12-step program!
After all this, I was forced to ask myself the question: when did the world become so cynical? Is it so bad that I find joy in complimenting others, especially on a day that is dedicated to this very action? I 100% understand and respect that some find receiving praise an uncomfortable situation (I must admit, I find myself in this boat on occasion), but my intentions were good, no? It's all about spreading the L.O.V.E., after all.

On a lighter, more TV-related note, one of my favourite ever TV shows started its new season last night: Australia's Next Top Model. There were tears, there were screams, there were clothes and boy was there bitching! I tell you, I've never seen a group of girls turn against each other so willingly (and after just 1 day, so soon); although it's far less intense that the American syndication.
The Audition Process
Host Jodhi Meares, surrounded by the Melbourne hopefuls.

Notice the girl on the far left in the top left photos -- Diana Bitcon, a friend of mine from school, isn't that exciting? Unfortunately, Diana withdrew from the competition.
Bottom left picture, shows three girls, one of which (far right), Belinda Hodge, is in the top 13!

I cannot wait to see how this season pans out. My favourite, so far? Alyce. She's got a similar name to the winner of the previous season, Alice Burdeu, so surely that's a good sign, right?



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A dreamer said...

you know, i think your school needs a hug.
although that might prove to be a problem. they all seem so mean.
well, just hug them anyway. i'm sure they'll feel better.

Anonymous said...

i know what you mean!
whenever complimenting others, they remark in a mean way to me. One time, there was this girl who for some reason hated me. So then I decided to be nice to her and see if we could be potential friends. So I complmented on a dress she was wearing and all she did was pull a mean face at me and then turned her back and started talking to someone else. hmmph. I felt emabarassed and sad..and small too



AsianCajuns said...

Sorry to hear that your comments were met with cynicism! On NPR (national public radio) this morning I just heard that a new study shows that people are happier using money for other people rather than themselves! I know that's hard to believe and the study isn't conclusive, but I think it's great if science can disprove our cynicism ;)

SICK. said...

i'm not very good at taking compliments, but i'm never mean about it !
good for you for complimenting everyone :]


enc said...
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enc said...

That person who wanted to know if you were in a 12-Step program clearly doesn't know what the Steps are, or entail.

Giving compliments is worthwhile because it feels good—usually for everyone involved.

I'm glad you did it! I'd be thrilled to receive any compliment, regardless of it's nature.

K.Line said...

Wow, that's rough. I love giving compliments (didn't know there was a special day dedicated to it!). Too bad if they don't like it. Roll over them with friendly comments :-)

On Track said...

I think some people have been lead to believe that the world is against them which is such a sad thing. You seem really positive and upbeat though, I hope you manage to keep that because it will inspire the people around you :)

It is always exciting seeing people you know on the tv, especially friends, I think i saw a girl from school once on Australian Idol haha not as cool as Aus Next Top Model, thats for sure ;)

coco said...

I never watch the 'next top model' shows
mostly because I know I would get far too into it!

riz said...

This is a really sad, and also deeply philosophical question, to which I could devote a really long post...
Please don't change your attitude!

(Sorry for the lack of blogging final papers are a strain!)

Kira Fashion said...

hello dear,
i really admire your great gesture, the world how it is because people are more and more individualist...don´t think about the others...and cumpliments are really not welcome from a stranger...

but luckly its not all the people who are like this...


a kiss and a hug,
you are in my links of the day ;)

see you,

Secretista said...

Is Australia's Next Top Model better or equal to America's Next Top Model??

Angel said...

What a strange world we live in. calm down, my dear, and forget about them.

Romany said...

a dreamer: yeah they do sound pretty mean don't they? But about 80% of them are absolutely lovely most of the time. So it's strange that on the one day that I tell them how lovely they are, they get mean. Lol...maybe you're right - a big hug is in order, no?

charlotte: aww that's so mean! That's such a little girl thing to do, were you both young at the time of the incident? Whatever you do, though, don't give up on the compliments. Sooner or later, they'll come around. :)

asiancajuns: I love hearing news like that. It restores my faith in the world. ;) Thank you!

on track: thank you. You're so sweet and I'm so glad that we've made this little blogging friendship! :) Ooh really, did your friend get into the final 12 or whatever it is (clearly I don't watch Idol, lol)??

riz: don't worry. My faith may be down, but my attitude will always remain the same. Even if people don't appreciate what one does for them now, they will eventually, even if it's ten years down the track, and if that happens then it's all worthwhile. :) Good luck on your papers!

kira: ooh thank you! Links of the day - how exciting! Thanks sweetie! :)

secretista: Hmm...I personally prefer AusNTM. I got fed up with America's ages ago, but that could just be because I can relate to the Aussie girls more, because I am one. Lol. You should definitely watch AusNTM some time and let me know what you think! :)

angel: thanks. :) They're usually so nice, so it was strange of them to be so ungracious about the compliments. Oh well, it's all in the past, no? :)

Thanks for all you gorgeous comments lovelies! :)


Imelda Matt said...

LOL...I love that some thought you were a recovering alcoholic! F**K the haters I thought that was mighty sweet of you to spread the L.O.V.E!

mmmm ANTM, last year it was pot luck that the show unearthed Alice! As for this year I don't think any of the constants have the goods! But that won't stop me from tuning every week :)