Sunday, 13 April 2008

Tote Me, Baby!

It seems that, subconsciously, I am in constant pursuit of the perfect tote bag. In my eyes, for everyday use, a tote is the perfect bag: stylish (well, I guess that depends on which one you buy, right?), practical and secure.
But, believe it or not, there are some real duds out there. Simply typing 'tote bag' into Google, doesn't exactly bring exciting results. So I decided to help anyone out there (as well as myself) who's on the prowl for a pretty tote, and compiled a list of the cutest ones I could find online in half an hour of searching (these aren't meant to be the best out there at the moment, this is just a selection of what I could in half an hour).

1. Chip Chop -- European Vacation $169 (AUD)
2. Juicy Couture -- Daydreamer Velour Tote $195 (USD)

1. Betsey Johnson -- Betseyville $95 (USD)
2. Lauren Bush -- World Food Programme Feed bag -- $59.95 (USD)

1. Dooney & Burke -- Madras Medium Duffle $350 (USD)
2. Anya Hindmarch -- "I'm not a plastic bag" price n/a

Pretty random bunch, eh?
Which is your favourite? Or, got any others to add?



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Sheryl Wong said...

i like the Lauren Bush one. Although I always like Betsey Johnson, I don't really fancy clear bags - too many things inside to show!

coco said...

I love the feed bag, I would wear it. I was thinking about getting one actually!
but the rest I'm not really into at all!

jenny h. said...

i like the dooney and bourke one.
but i dont really like any of the others. sorryy.

Belle said...

I like the Dooney and Bourke one the best, and the I'm not a plastic bag.

e.jay said...

Oh...I love them all, esp. Betsey Johnson and Dooney & Burke! Laura Bush makes handbags? Am I the only one who didn't know?

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

stilll love im not a plastic beg

miss_vogue said...

yes! totes are a big part of my life, especially since im a student.
Ive been wanting that Feed one for ages!

s. said...

that first one is so cute, i like all the pins (i think thats what they are).
and regarding the snow no its not unusual for it to snow even in april, it was just unexpected as this winter was great and this was out first snow storm... it all melted the next day though so thats good.
i also am gonna link you to my super short list... hope you don't mind.

enc said...

I could use a new totebag; these are really cute!

Romany said...

Haha oh my gosh! I don't even know why I did this post - it was such an impulse.
Sorry for this incredibly random post, but I'm glad at least some people liked them (I don't even know if I like any of them...actually no that's not true, I think they're all nice in their own way).

Thanks for commenting! I was surprised it made it to this amount of comments, lol!


riz said...

Totes = studen'ts saving grace!! I quite like the betseyville tote actually!