Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Tagged? Me?

Everywhere I look, people are tagging each other! Up until yesterday, I had no idea what this business of tagging was. Lol. Now it seems I have been tagged, by Super Kawaii Mama and A dreamer.... Li'l old me has been tagged, can you believe it? I don't think I've been this flattered in a long time. Anyway...

Here are the rules:
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules in your blog.
3. Write about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs letting them know they've been tagged.

Ok. Let's do this...
1. I'm extremely time particular - every single minute counts. I get up extra early in the morning when I know I have to go to work, so that I can leave myself 10 minutes of relaxing time before I actually have to leave.
2. I have a strong memory for faces. I can recognise almost everyone I've ever seen (well, looked at for more than 1 minute, at least); whether it be people I've been served by in stores, or old primary school friends, their faces are burned into my brain.
3. I also have a strong association memory. If I hear a song/smell a smell/see an image etc that reminds of a certain person/place/event etc, I will most likely be consumed by the emotions that particular person/place/event etc evokes in me except multiplied by 10. Nostalgia usually ensues...
4. I buy certain magazines just for the cover. If a magazine's cover doesn't interest me, chances are I won't even bother to flip through it.
5. I go to a wonderful school with a bad reputation. I'm ashamed - not of the school, of our reputation. Whenever I'm asked at work or in public which school I attend, a part of me considers lying every single time...
6. Sometimes I pretend to be someone I'm not around certain people, because I'm scared they won't like the real me. Judge me all you want, but don't deny you've never done this before. Lol.

Ooh can you feel the tears welling up? I can. Lol. Well there you have it, 6 things about me (they turned out more personal than I had intended) that you might otherwise never know.
Now for the 6 people I've tagged (completely random choices, I swear. The last thing I would want is for anyone to feel left out, because they think this is a popularity contest. It's not. It's just for fun. Sorry, I'm just trying to be diplomatic I guess. Lol.):

1. a la moda
2. Cerulean Heels
3. Couturee Yourself
4. Green Grenadine
5. lookbook
6. Kira Fashion

Here's to spreading the L.O.V.E.

UPDATE Ok so by now, most have heard about the shocking news of Nina Garcia's surprise departure from Elle magazine. But thankfully, Girl With a Satchel is reporting that...Nina Garcia may have parted ways with Elle as fashion director, but in lieu of an outright dismissal, Fashion Week Daily has learned that Garcia has been offered a new role at the magazine: editor-at-large or contributing editor.




bronwyn said...

So nice to find out more about you, and such a lovely, honest post. Thanks for sharing:)PS I know it's easier said than done, and I hate to sound trite and cliched, but please try never to be ashamed of anything about yourself!!!!

enc said...

I love these posts, because I learn so much about the blogger. I remember faces too, but the names just slip away.

Kira Fashion said...

Hello dear,

thanks a lot for tagging me!
i think its a nice the linking thing, because the people who comes to your blog can know another blogs to increase their relationship comunity !

thanks a lot for remember, you are so great!
a kiss and a hug,
have a nice day,

Marilyn Hayward said...

thanks for the tag! haha, I will get on that in the near future!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I'm the same way when it comes to time i'm always watching it, i hate being even a minute late for anything. My life is time organized!

Jelenie said...

Thanks for the tag - I have to think of mine first. :)

LINDA said...

Aw, thanks for tagging me! Mine will probably take a while to come up since it takes a few days for me to think of things.

A dreamer said...

well i thought we wern't meant to judge a book by its covers. lol

i agree with you on number 6. sometimes i just want to wait for the person to reveal about themselves before I do. So I pretend to be someone I'm not...just so they wont think I"m a total spaz and so I dont come on too strong. haha

Meg said...

I like these posts because you always learn such interesting things about the people behind the blogs =)
Also, word on the street, is that Elle created a job title just for Nina Garcia so she could continue appearing on Project Runway.

Adele said...

'Sometimes I pretend to be someone I'm not around certain people, because I'm scared they won't like the real me. Judge me all you want, but don't deny you've never done this before. Lol'

Im exactly the same =]
i dont judge you for it!

I also judge magazines by their cover.x

Deanna said...

love hearing more about you!

kisses. xo

SICK. said...

yeah, i think everyone can relate to # 6.
i can.


e.jay said...

Aw, I will post my 6 soon. I got tagged too.

Secretista said...

We have a lot in common!

Well... at least she's got a job now.

coco said...

I always though Garcia was the editor of US Elle? To be honest I hardly ever buy it, but I do really like Garcia's style!
She's a bit Rachel Zoe, but she looks more natural!

Trendini said...

thanks for tagging me!! I will get on this :)

Romany said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments! You all really make my days. :)

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Wow, amazingly candid. I too am very time particular. I always like to leave a time buffer when i have appointments, because something inevitably crops up. Thanks for sharing more about what makes you you.

Anonymous said...



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