Friday, 4 April 2008

A scent for each season...

I don't know about everyone else, but in my eyes a fragrance can make or break an outfit. So naturally, it's important to smell your best at all times. Timing your fragrance-wearing in accordance with seasons is of the utmost importance.
Wind and rain in winter, sweating and humidity in summer, additional natural scents in the air in spring, and daily weather changes in autumn can all alter the way your perfume smells.
Not to mention your mood. But it changes with each individual: some people like fruity smells (etc) in winter because it reminds them of summer, whereas others might prefer a more refined or sophisticated smell for the colder months.
My perfect combinations go a little something like this...
A strange choice, I know. But with the fairly cool, crisp mornings and then warmer afternoons strolling down a street full of trees and surrounded by dappled sunlight, of autumn I am just inexplicably reminded of Paris (the fragrance and the city, even though I'm yet to visit). Sophistication at its best, Paris can make any woman feel glamorous, and any man double-take. Paris, Yves Saint Laurent 75mL -- $84.95 onwards.
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Yes another somewhat strange choice, believe me I never would have thought that a perfume like Fantasy would be my ideal winter perfume. But last winter I had been wearing it maybe twice a week or so, and I'd never felt more girlie. It's quite strong, so even with all the wind, I still get compliments of how nice I smell. But beware, if applied in excess, it can get sickly sweet. Fantasy, Britney Spears 100mL -- $115.
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(left) Even for the non-fans of YSL Paris, the Jardins Romantiques bottle is so cute (and just screams spring, no?) it can persuade anyone. I guess the fact that it has the perfect blend of natural, flowery scents is a bonus, then. Lol. (right) In my eyes, the ultimate compliment is to hear "Mm, you smell nice." (Why, you ask? I once read an article about a man who loved fragrances - and who also couldn't fall in love with a woman if he didn't like the way she smelled. As far as I'm concerned, scent is everything). Well, I've spritzed Daisy twice this week, and received this compliment twice. Coincidence? I think not. Lol.
Paris Jardins Romantiques
, Yves Saint Laurent 125mL -- $64 onwards; Daisy, Marc Jacobs 50mL -- $80 onwards.
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The eternal classic summer scent. Ralph really knew what he was doing when he threw this bunch of ingredients together. Despite the fact that after patch-testing this fragrance on my skin, and finding out that my sensitivity will forever prevent me from be able to wear Cool, it remains one of the best out there as far as I'm concerned.
Ralph Cool, Ralph Lauren 50mL - $60 (AUSD).
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Tell me about all of your favourites, perhaps we have some in common?
Smell you later (ha, couldn't resist)!



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Addison said...

my favourites would be marc by marc jacobs and agent provacteur. mmmm. im not a big experimenter with perfumes, which i guess is good for my bank account!!! everyday i wear this custom blended perfume- its kinda vanilla-ish.

great post bubbles!


Yeah, I found it on her site..May 27th! That makes me want it more since it's right around my birthday..! :)
[[Ps: daisy is it!]]

Imelda Matt said...

I like to alternate between Comme 2 and Surge Lutens which like addison does nothing for my bank balance.

Fashionista said...

my favourite is def Dior Hypnotic poison...its just so sexy and sensua but i think the Daisy by Marc Jacobs is good.
Wow its true what u say about your fragrance makring or breaking an outfit....never thought about it in that way before
Thanks for showing support to my blog
Ur blog is fab....keep it up

Molly :] said...

Im a bit of a basic Chanel No5.

And i love your winter & summer oufits- great choices! :) x

SKYLA said...

haha well actually the skirt didn't take any sewing, but thanks!
This is a great post. It's true about perfumes, I hate getting aerosol sprays like Impulse as they smell too cheap. Lol. I have a few set favourites which I am in love with, and always on my dressing table. Coincidentally, one of them is Ralph Lauren Cool. ;)

hannah said...

i should try wearing a different fragrance with different types of ensembles, its a great idea.

i wear the same fragrance everyday. it is amorito eau de toilete from the body shop. it smell like chocolate, vanilla and almonds, i love love love it. and it is only 16 dollars for an ounce. i highly recommend it.

coco said...

I love the Autumn and Winter looks and normally I'm more of a spring/summer girl
But they are super chic!

KiKi said...

Great Blog and post

are you yp for a link exchange

Jillian said...

hmmm i will say i've yet to find my signature scente though I do have a little soft spot for Dolce and Gabbana light blue

SICK. said...

i looooove daisy.
i wear it every day, i love it.


maveri_ck<3 said...

i love this post-- so cute! i love matching up perfume smells with my outfits! and the song on my blog is Love Song by Sara Barellis.. i think thats how you spell her name.

enc said...

I'm glad you did this post; I have a much better sense of who you are, and your taste! Nice!

Aisha said...

very creative post :)
I want a bottle of Marc Jacob's Daisy, when i finish my bottle of "Miracle" (Lancôme).

miss_vogue said...

oh cute post!
im really digging the beat by burberry right now! and YSL Paris!

e.jay said...

Very good post, I love the outfits, and can practically smell some of these perfumes! I am a Chanel girl to the bone, though, with a little DKNY every now and then

Sheryl Wong said...

i'm very sensitive when it comes to smells, and can't bear smelling the same perfume the whole day. the only exception for me is Flower by Kenzo which I have been using for years.

love the blue satin boots in the second pic!

Secretista said...

OMG. Fantasy by Britney Spears was my scent for a good 6 months. It didn't last long because I over indulged in it. I over spray myself with all my perfumes because I have a fear of smelling bad--I'm dead serious, LOL. My worst fear in life is for someone to say I smell bad or reak of body odor. So, when people say o0o you smell yummy or pretty, it makes me feel reliefed. :)
I use Pink Sugar by Aquolina. Guys love it, LOL. They say I smell like strawberries, cotton candy, etc... but the point is I smell of pure sweetness! I love ALL sweet smells.

OH, I don't know if I responded, but Hofstra is okay. It took some getting used to. It's on Long Island, so it's not technically in NY. But, I love it and I'll be here all 4 years and hopefully go to NYU for grad school.

On Track said...

I love marc jacobs daisy perfume, it smells yummy, I am dying for my partner to buy me one for my birthday hehe if he gets the hints ;)

Meg said...

I have rarely worn perfume since I worked opposite a perfume counter for 2 years which destroyed my sense of smell, but I actually prefer men's perfume to women's because I don't really like heavy floral sweet smells, but I have yet to make that step where I buy men's scent for me =)

Marilyn Hayward said...

I'm boring and have worn Chanel Chance since eighth grade. That's five years....hahah

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Great and informative post, I use to not be that much into perfumes but as I'm getting older I'm wanting to smell good and refreshed, a bad smell or fragrance can ruin an outfit!

BTW: I've linked your blog :)

Jelenie said...

I love that winter outfit Romany! I'd def wear that but not with anything of Britney's. ;-)

My HG has always been Gucci Envy since I was 14 (more than 10 years ago now) but my perfume of choice at the moment is J'adore. I only wear it at nights though.

riz said...

Probably a little weird for selections, but scents I really like: Narciso Rodriguez and Michael Kors... off for me I know.

ellastica said...

I'm pretty dang picky about scent but very loyal.
I've been wearing Parfum de Ete by Kenzo for 13 years! people always compliment me on it. it smells like a light summer breeze. i wear it everyday.
Deci Dela by Ninca Ricci is sparkling and fruity but musky. my second favorite stand-by. better for a night out.
Another heavy vanilly/chocolate scent i love is Hermes Elixer de Merveilles. It makes me feel sexy and hungry.
I also wear Joop! eau de toilette for men on occasion. a powdery plummy floral. it's hot stuff!
another great post. you've inspired a fragrance post here!

Wendy said...

I don't venture into perfumes all that often but this post has inspired me to try different ones.

vogued out!!! said...

Thanks for putting the item detail, those boots are so fancy they made me want to scream (the turquoise and red ones)...great blog

Addison said...

hehehe ok done! we will bring some serious DIY stuff back in fashion! as long as it requires no sewing, as i am machineless... and also, not as talented as i think i am....

Sunniva said...

I'm the kind of girl that buys a bottle of perfume and wear it until it's empty, and then I get a completely new one..not very elegant and lady-like :P
I should really become a bit more sophisticated and choose perfumes after seasons
my favourite right now is 212 Sexy by Carolina it !

Loved this post !

Adele said...

Your quite right =]
interesting post
i usually wear Ralph Lauren Romance most the time :)

ღ mey ♥¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨♥ღ said...

oh, yes... i agree with you... im wearing now a fragrance from O Boticário, I love it!


Kira Fashion said...

I think you are right, the wrong perfum make people go away from its important to choose well what you will use :)

i am using givenchy irresistable...but i change a lot what i wear...

a kiss and a hug,
great post!!


s. said...

love the outfits you made especially autumn and winter. and i'm with you on fantasy, i surprisingly loved it.. but only for winter in summer i find it too sweet & that it attracts bugs.

Anonymous said...

The results for the SiTV fashion challenge have been counted yet, but right now I rank at 193 out of 327 entries. You can vote for me once every 24 hours so vote again if you've got the time!

Oh and I really like the outfits you created with the scents...!

Fashion's Darling said...

I absolutely love your choices! I agree with Daisy by Mac Jacobs. During the winter I stuck to Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker. For this Spring I'm more of an Elle by YSL (which I must get).

And I agree...scent is everything. I once fell in love with this guy on the bus because he was wearing L'Homme by YSL (as you can see I'm a big YSL fan...I'll wear mens or womens fragrances by them). I literally couldn't get my eyes off him!

Romany said...

Oh wow - what a wonderful response to this post. I'm so happy many people were inspired. And I'm glad that the outfits I made were a hit (I was a little worried that they wouldn't be well received, lol)!
Thanks everyone for all your gorgeous comments! :)

{this is glamorous} said...

Hello Romany--not certain if you've received my e-mail--thanks for stopping by my site the other day and taking the time to comment--yes, I'd be happy to exchange links with you and have already added you. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...
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