Friday, 6 June 2008

A whole new me...

Lately, I've discovered that my tastes have been changing. That's no big deal, I know, because it happens to everybody. But that's only because an individual isn't really aware of the changes occurring...that's where I come in. No, the changes haven't been dramatic but they have definitely been noticeable and this has really caught me off-guard. E.g. for a long time, I've loved anchovies (yes, I'm a vegetarian, but dear old anchovies were one of the only meat-type foods I just couldn't bring myself to give up) but a couple of months ago I took a bite of one such fish and nearly gagged. Now I can't even stand the sight of the things. An overnight change -- it shook me to my core.
But nowhere have these changes been more apparent than with regards to my aesthetic preferences. E.g. Luella style nanna florals, as I like to call them (see Camilla Belle and Kelly Osbourne, below) have made their way onto my internal must have list -- a thought which would have me laughing had you told me 2 years ago (I've never been big on nanna florals, or florals in general, really). But now I'm scouring the shop-infested streets high and low for something similar to pair with black tights, black heels (or my new tan knee-high boots) and a black cardigan. A dream com true, as far as I'm concerned...

Activities involving fragrances have always been a favourite past-time of mine. So it came as a real shock when I realised just the other day that for years the kind of scent I thought I liked, I didn't really like at all. It all started on Wednesday the 4th (my birthday -- I am now officially the 17 year old writer of The 16 Diaries. Lol.), when I received a tiny little sample of Prada eau de parfum as a present. I thought, I've never really considered Prada as a fragrance to try so I guess now I can. I spritzed it and headed for school. All day long I was continually sniffing my arm to get another hit of the addictively intoxicating scent...I couldn't get enough of it. I looked up the key notes and discovered the fragrance was filled with different kinds of musks. And that's when it hit me -- all my life I tried to convince myself that I was a girlie, floral, overwhelmingly sweet fragrance type of girl; but I realised that I'm addicted to musky fragrances.
Doesn't sound like a big deal, I know, but learning new things about myself that I never thought could be true really turn my world upside down.

both contain elements of musk

Narciso Rodriguez -- possibly my most favourite fragrance of all time is Solar Musk at heart

A few other things I hate which I've recently started loving...

Vogue AUS -- Fantasy Blooms
Florals...Is this not the most clash-y thing you've ever seen? I love it (and I don't know why)!

Agyness Deyn -- outside an Oscar de la Renta show
She used to be the bain of my I can't get enough of her!
I saw a Burberry ad featuring her, and instantly fell in love with the ad and in love with her look. Quirky and cute...what's not to love?

I know I can't be the only one with developing tastes...what aesthetic preference changes have you been experiencing lately?
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Sunniva said...

Oh I used to be a floral fragrance girl too, but not long ago I became a musky, mysterious woman ;p

Changes are good things..and your changes seem very mature and fantastic !


Trixy Tran said...

I'm turning 17 soon! Maybe that will happen to me? Haha, I love the "girly, floral" fragrances. Maybe I'll like musky ones when I turn 17 :]

Haha, this is pretty exciting.

Secretista said...

Change is good :).

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

i love this floral dress that's tempered so nicely with the black stockings. great look!

AsianCajuns said...

I love those kind of changes! It's funny how easily we get stuck in a schedule or some sort of rut. This post makes me want to find more ways to change things up - particularly with fashion! Thanks ;)

Fashion Ivy said...

It's usually great when chanhe comes. You tend to become a better person

JuliaFuentez said...

i just discover your blog and i love it:*

Anonymous said...

Great changes )))

Please join our contest sweetie ))) It has 2 prizes )))
You can find the rules here

Have a nice weekend.


SICK. said...

i love huge tounrovers.
and i don't mean the pastry (though those are pretty amazing too)


Margherita. said...

loveee the luella florals

Imagination said...

We all change. It's a good thing. I've always loved "Aqua di Gio"... now I can't stand the smell... It's too sweet... I don't even understand how I used to like it... Oh.. and there's a hole bottle of that in my room... what the hell will I do with it?

Kira Fashion said...

so great post, lovely...
the flowers are awsome!
i am sure you are changinf for the best!

a kiss sweetie!

hannah said...

i know what you mean. my tastes have been changing lately too, and my closet has suffered. i have been throwing away all my clothes!

SKYLA said...

Great post, i love how you write. You tell everything clearly, without writing too much and make it interesting to read.
On to the topic:
it's funny you say that as I've noticed changes like that in myself too lately. I can't actually put them to paper right now but I know I've had a few moments thinking, 'wait, usually i would never pick this up.' I think it's just all about changing style, progression, evolution, learning, finding out who you are. And so on!

and Happy 17th! Will this become the 17 Diaries now? x

A dreamer said...

hay, happy birthday! are you gonna change the title of your blog? haha nah.. dont do that. you may be 17 now but inside you'll be eternally 16 yeh? =]

oh so now you like florals! about time! how can you not like florals? lol

did you fall in love with aggy after seeing her ad for that burberry fragrance 'the beat' or something like that?
it was a really cute ad.

Alya said...

I change a lot too.. From my food preferences (I added a lot to my palette recently!) and also my fashion sense..

I think its part of life, to experience new things and to embrace or hate them!

By the way, I saw the Luella floral print above I think at Zara. But I know I definitely saw it at a high street store.

Anonymous said...

I love change, it makes life more intresting!

&&just to let you know im back at my blog. I had some things come up but im just letting all my links know! ♥

Molly :] said...

Hi Romany!

How are you?
Its been ages since i've been on blogger so im sorry i havent commented back. i am back hopefully for good now :)

Im changing too! Even my opinions of friends are starting to change which is quite worrying.
I hated jumpsuits, now i love them.
I didnt like Coco Rocha, now i love her.
I didnt think i could wear clutches all day, now i do!

I cant wait untill my next fashion revelation! :) xxx

ROBOTS said...

oh! love fragrances and agyness. good post!

Fashion's Darling said...

ahh yes change...

I practically change every other month lol.

I;m a musk girl...florals are fun but I can only stand so much ya know. I love musky, woodsy fragrances.


alis said...

I've been going through phases (and kind of taking them to extremes) early as I can remember. Now I'm 23 and it still hasn't stopped :P

Being into florals and such is a different thing though, in time we grow accustomed to a new idea that we were at first suspicious towards. We are shown a gazilion ways to wear florals, ppl who look great in them, how they can be part of an "attitude" that we want to be part of etc and voila, I like florals too.

The anchovies thing is weird though! Maybe you ate too much and got sick of it??

Anonymous said...



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