Saturday, 31 May 2008

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week

Don't worry. I'm aware that RAFW was at the end of LAST month, and yes it HAS taken me more than 4 weeks to cover it. It's a pretty lame excuse, I suppose, but in all honesty I haven't had time. Any fashion week coverage is time consuming, of which I'm sure all bloggers are painfully aware, no?
If it's unbelievably extensive RAFW coverage you're looking for, then head over to Style On Track (one of the best fashion blogs out there, as far as I'm concerned). I just thought after so long, I would only blog about my favourite looks from the fashion showcase.
"Follow your heart. As I've said before, it’s about looking forward and working really hard and not taking a moment to think about what’s impossible. You’ve just got to think about what’s possible and be proactive and push into making what you envisage and dream happen. Because I think if you do set your sights on a goal you get there. It’s amazing."
-- Michelle Jank.

"[the Jayson Brunsdon] woman is worldly, sophisticated and has a sense for cinematic drama."
-- Jayson Brunsdon

"Among the red-carpet-ready offerings of floor-scraping gowns (one print resembling crushed violets bringing an early whiff of spring) were sensible trousers perfectly tailored to display less sensible shoes. Ho’s legion of fans will be more than satisfied with a commercial collection sure to set registers ringing, which is familiar music to this designer’s ears."
-- Vogue AUS Damien Woolnough

AusNTM devotees shield your eyes! Unless you're not a fan of reality TV surprises (e.g. the revelation of the final contestants in a televised modelling contest), then stop reading now.
Of course, "the walkers" at RAFW aren't always a give-away when it comes to AusNTM, but judging from the way last year's turned out (Alice and Steph H both walked for Alex Perry, and coincidentally ended up being the final two), I'd say this is more an indication than anything else.
Alexandra wasn't in the Alex Perry show, but she did walk fro Wayne Cooper. Whether this means she IS in the finals but for whatever reason didn't walk for AP, or she was booted from the contest but Wayne Cooper liked her so much he wanted her in his show anyway...I guess we'll just have to find out.

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enc said...

You do nice coverage of the Australian scene—a scene that isn't covered much, except for some very dedicated bloggers. I feel really out of the loop, because the mainstream media don't bother with Australia.

Thanks for doing it.

I love these dresses, especially the gray-with-birds(?), the pink-with-belt, the Lisa Ho, and the last three.

hannah said...

gorgeous dresses! i love.

On Track said...

Oh my gosh Romany, I must say you are one of the sweetest kindest ladies in the blogging world, you are so gorgeous, you put a massive smile on my face with this post :D

coco said...

It looks like some strong collections are coming out.
I like it!

Alya said...

I really loved the evening gowns.. This is not something covered by many blogs - I think I saw some Australian designers on just 1 blog before.

riz said...

I've never watched AusNTM (interesting acronym.) The fashion weeks are my favorite part about blogging...

AsianCajuns said...

Oh I'm drooling! I love it all. Thanks for sharing! I miss out on the Australian fashion by forgetting to look east (ridiculous). For some reason I'm especially drawn to the Michelle Jank dress... and that quote!

Kira Fashion said...


a kiss!

Anonymous said...

This coverage was definitely worth waiting! thnaks )))

maveri_ck<3 said...

wow ive never been aware of australia fashion week, nor thier fashion! this is amazing!!! such beautiful pieces by designers ive never heard of!

Jelenie said...

I love that Michelle Jank dress the minute I saw it on the catwalk!

And Demelza still looks like a miserable bogan even in AP.

SKYLA said...

australian designers are clearly really underrated. these pieces are amazing! Especially love the Michelle Jank bird dress and the fuschia wool protege show dress.
Hope your exams are going well! I did my last 2 yesterday and it is the sweetest, and strangest, feeling once they're all done.Good luck.

saray said...

those dresses are gorgeous !

thanks for sharing =]

Romany said...

enc: thank you. :) I guess I sort of feel it's my job as an Aussie blogger to write about the Aussie scene... I'm glad you like it.

On Track: you're always welcome! And every word is true, too. :)

AsianCajuns: oh yes the Michelle Jank is particularly eye-catching isn't it? Lol well I'm glad I could help open your eyes to our fashion. ;)

Jelenie: haha! Couldn't agree more -- I really hope that she doesn't win. Who are you rooting for?

Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments! :)


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Anonymous said...

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