Saturday, 21 June 2008

Take the 'Perfect Skin' challenge!

I don't know about everyone else, but dreams about skin problems (not just blemishes, but rashes and strange deformities, also) are the worst kinds of nightmares, as far as I'm concerned. Am I crazy? Apparently not. Dreams of skin symbolize...
  • Your contact with the world and what tactics you use to deal with others. Your strength or vulnerability in feeling the impact of other people, their remarks and actions.
  • Feelings about personal failings or some sense of not being as good or acceptable as other people; a feeling that other people see you as unattractive or can see failings in you; shyness; difficulties about facing or being in the company of people.
Now, don't get me wrong, I don't have bad skin. There's room for improvement, sure, but I consider myself very lucky about the skin I'm in. This doesn't stop me from becoming outrageously jealous of those with crystal clear, porcelain skin, though, of course.
But instead of sitting around and wallowing in my own jealousy, I've decided to make my own Perfect Skin Challenge. And what's a challenge without some inspiration, eh?

My mother is studying naturopathy, and has given me a few ways to combat problem skin the all-natural way. It's not so much a challenge, as a guideline, really.
This little guide has been designed especially for my own system (a vegetarian with a weak immune system, and protein deficiency), so when joining me on my challenge feel free to change things to suit your own system. There's no set time, because this is supposed to be a lifestyle change. Simply comment me or send me an email when/if you've started seeing results. The rules are few, but effective:
  1. Avoid processed/refined foods.
  2. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
  3. Eat lots of raw salad vegetables (especially leafy greens).
  4. Drink one specially-made protein shake a week.
  5. Eat one handful of almonds or cashews a day (not both, and no more than one handful)
  6. Eat three serves of eggs and three serves of yoghurt a week (for protein).
  7. No more than two or three pieces of fruit (raw and/or dried) a day.
  8. Exercise regularly (open to interpretation -- as much as desired)
  9. Three Omega-3 tablets daily* ~ morning
  10. One vitamin B tablet daily* ~ morning
  11. Two 500mg vitamin C tablets daily* ~ afternoon and after dinner
  12. One zinc tablet daily* ~ night
(* tablets vary depending on individual)
I've tried my best to make this look really official. How did I do? Lol.

Feel no obligation at all to join, this is simply something fun that I've embarked upon, and I was looking for anyone who wanted to share my enthusiasm. Lol.
Oh and please don't forget to cast you vote(s) in this month's poll on the right hand side of the page. I'm trying to get an idea of what readers think of my blog, so any feedback would be wonderful.



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Kira Fashion said...

HI sweetie!!!

its me in my blog :)))
thanks for what you said!

are you ok?
i hope so...

kerr is awsome, love her beauty :)

a kiss,
have a great week,


Ragamala said...

Skin is such a problem for me. My family has horrible skin and so I always have to make quite the effort to make sure my skin looks decent!

A dreamer said...

*jumps up and down* its bella! its bella!... i'm kinda a twilight fan.

crap.. i dont think i can commit to your challenge but i hope you succeed in it anyway.

i have eczema so rashy skin comes anytime it wants to. "-.-

Secretista said...

This will be hard, but I'm gunna try it!

Fashion's Darling said...

I dhould try this little challenge of yours (is it obvious that I'm a tad bit competitve and I like to succeed...perfectionist much lol) Miranda kerr is ahh-mazing! lol

just don't gforoget that these girls hav makeup and re touch on their side...thats what keeps me going lol

alis said...

I think that's a pretty nice chart!
I've been doing 1,2(sometimes),3,4,5,6,8 for nearly 2 years now. But somewhere in the middle of these 2 years I had a major skin problem (horrible rash covered my face and wouldn't go away for weeks). Turns out it was caused by wrong and unnecessary cosmetic use. The cure was (besides antibiotics) to just stop using anything but some special prescription mineral water for a few months(not even moisturizer). My doctor told me to stop using all those special cleansers, different kinds of moisturizers, tonics etc and said I should just use an oil-free pharmacy brand (La Roche-Posay is best for oily skin) moisturizer and sunscreen and just regular mild soap(like Dove) until I hit 30!

We tend to try to fix skin problems with more and more products and in the end we make it worse. So I say add "detoxing your skin from all those chemical cosmetics" for a while to the list. Here is a link where you can find the toxicity of the cosmetic products you regularly use:

Good luck!

K.Line said...

Great post, R. I see a naturopath (have done for a couple of years) and have subscribed to this philosophy (even when I didn't follow it) for many years. Best way to be beautiful from the inside out... K

Daise&Belle. said...

wow... i'm definitely joining hahaa
my skin is crazy
one second its ok
the next its oily
the next its dry
the next is pimply.
ta for the advice :)