Friday, 9 May 2008

Best Dressed: The Costume Institute Gala

New York's Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala. Or as puts it, The Oscars of the East. But judging by the award ceremony red carpet turnouts we've had so far this year, the fashion at the Costume Institute Gala has without a doubt surpassed that of the Oscars.
Overall Best Dressed
The Best Dressed Award title is split among many this year. No surprises, of course, that Anna Wintour's unbelievably fashion-forward daughter Bee Shaffer is among those that snagged the 'award'. This Nina Ricci gown is like a fantasy - in all sense of the word.

Julia Roberts always looks amazing, as far as I'm concerned. The best accessory? Her dazzling smile (cheesy, I know. Sorry). Emmy Rossum - what a dress! I am actually speechless when faced with the beauty of this dress. I hope it'll still be available when I get married (many years down the track)...Camilla Belle was on my Best Dressed List for last year, as well. I tell you, this girl is going to be something big in the fashion world someday...

Best Legs
These two Cocktail Queens (ooh - that sort of makes them sound more like alcoholics than fashionistas, really, doesn't it? Whoops.) took risks, and boy did they pay off. These two dresses are absolutely gorgeous. I would try and pick a favourite out of the two, but I'd probably spend a good few hours trying to decide (weighing the pros and cons of each dress, you know how it goes...).

Best Dressed Models
Coco Rocha's hair and makeup wins for the night (Anja was a bit too fake tan + peroxide blonde for that title), whereas Anja Rubik's dress is to die for. Together, they make the perfect combination, no? Gisele Bundchen wearing who else but the label she is currently the face of, Versace. It's an unbelievably revealing dress, but if anyone can get away with it, it's Gisele. Kate Moss chose well from the McCartney collection. She looks classy. But Stella herself showed up in a bit of an unfortunate satin-sack looking ensemble, of her own design.

Most Superhero-Looking
This was the theme after all, no?
Caroline Trentini = Vampire Girl meets Cat-Woman. Naomi Watts = Marylin Monroe meets Wonder Woman. Rachel Bilson = Ellastigirl (The Incredibles) meets 70s brunette vixen.

(Dis)Honourable Mentions
I hate doing Worst Dressed Lists. Which is why I don't include the Worst Dressed Stars in my compilations. Anna Wintour by no means looks bad; I'm simply surprised at such an unusual dress choice. But, if nothing else, she does look like a hell-of-a superhero! Like a weird and wonderful Ice Woman - yes that's it (so unoriginal, I know). A 5'10" supermodel paired with a cute little fashion designer (oh dear, that sounded really condescending, whoops). Hilarity ensues. But I do quite like Raquel's dress.

Another year down. Can't wait to find out next year's theme! I wonder who decides that kind of thing..?



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On Track said...

I love that you don't do a 'worst dressed' list, that is so lovely and inspiring, it is a good message I think a lot of those trashy mags should follow :)

I loved Bee, I agree with you that she was by far the best dressed, she looked like a princess. I can imagine that would have been a very hard dress to walk around in though ;)

discothequechic said...

where is christina ricci?
i thought she was the best!

and yes, the height different between thakoon and zimmerman made me giggle too! he..

Fashion Ivy said...

Bee looked lovely. I have a girl crush on Camilla. Lol. She always looks great. Thandie Newton's legs are amazing!! Gisele... there are no words for how great she looked that night.

Miss V. said...

I think Caroline looked absolutely amazing. She's my favourite, followed closely by Christina Ricci! Aww Thakoon is so cute, he's always a couple of heads shorter than his escorts lol.

Kira Fashion said...

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of course i missed you!
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coco said...

I liked Bee's dress, although I am kind of thinking it's a bit too disney princess but I think I still like it
And new header? Or am I just slow?

hannah said...

i think anja and coco looked great. their dresses were to die for. my favorite was kata mara.

Wendy said...

Coco looked really fantastic!

Asha lee said...

where's Christina Ricci? Everyone was raving about her! Anna looked like the queen of Mars.But hey, wasn't that suppose to be the theme...superheroes whatevs? Hmmm..Thandie Newton looks healthy nowadays. I bet she's done with anorexia already. Ladies, eat!

Imelda Matt said...

I'm glad your back and your 'puter problems are resolved! Yes I did notice some of the ANTM girls at fashion week. Naturally it was only the repulsive ones :(

Fashion Ivy said...

Hey I've tagged you. Check my blog

Danz said...

Emmy Rossum is always well dressed but sometimes a bit too predictable. I missed Caroline Trentini's photo before but I like her outfit.

Romeika said...

I've just posted on a blog that AW's daughter was my fav as well, gorgeous gown.

s. said...

Bee's dress was gorgeous she looked like a princess. I really liked Anna's too though...

AsianCajuns said...

Thanks for sharing. I love that red dress in your header- it makes me happy just looking at it ;)

A dreamer said...

hey i love your new header. its so pretty.
haha i cracked up over the raquel pic.
she's looks soooooo huge next to him.
even though alot of people labelled thandie newton as worst dressed, i absolutley loved what she was wearing.
and what is with anja's tan? ewww.

jealoushe said...

It's so hard for me to be objective about Emmy Rossum's outfits when I know she is such a diva (I don't suppose you heard about her narcissistic brag-fest with Leighton Meester about how Anna Wintour had personally invited her to the Gala?). But she does look great in the dress.

Not much criticism here at all... :) It seems we have similar taste! A lot of people are undecided about Diane Kruger's dress, but I don't think it's bad at all. You shouldn't be required to wear a floor-length gown as long as you can wear a shorter dress well. She doesn't come off looking trashy. The same for the elegant Thandie Newton--love her.

What did you think of what'shername dermatologist's Rodarte dress? For some perverse reason I am tempted to look the woman up and see how much she charges for a facial--this was her master plan all along, to attract more customers!

Jelenie said...

I agree with you about Bee's dress, it looks amazing (it's my fave colous so I'm a little biased here). Love your other choices too.

AsianCajuns said...

I think anna wintour could have pulled off the look better if she had a bigger personality. Unfortunately the dress is wearing her, not the other way around. Just my two cents!

Angel said...

Hi dear! Nice choices! I've been missing your posts so much!

vogued out!!! said...

Gisele is like the only person that can a wear such a nude-cling-next-to-noting dress and look amazing

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Everyone looked great in their own unique way!

Romany said...

On Track: thank you. :) I just feel that it's a very wrong thing to do. Fashion is about individual expression and who are we to tell others that how they express themselves is wrong, you know? Lol, I feel very passionately about this as you can tell. ;) lol!

discotheque: i wasn't a huge fan of christina ricci's dress - but I do like her a lot, in general. :)

coco: haha! LOl no you're not slow (very fast in fact, you seem to be the only one who's noticed), I did make myself a header. It's my first one so I'm anxious about whether people like it or not?

imelda: haha! so true. if demelza wins I swear to god there is something wrong with the world...

asiancajuns: thank you! there was something undeniably aesthetically pleasing about it all, so I thought i would share with everyone. :) and I 100% agree with you about Anna Wintour!

a dreamer: thank you! :) and I agree, thandie looked gorgeous.

jealoushe: wow no I didn't hear anything about a spat between those two...that's so strange. what exactly happened?

angel: thank you. it's nice to hear from you. :)

thank you everyone for all your gorgeous comments!

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