Friday, 23 May 2008

The Dolly Perfumery

I guess it's just that time of year, isn't it? The time when bloggers feel the need to excuse themselves from posting duties for some time, whether it be days or weeks...sometimes months. Hiatus, is the word I believe. I don't like this word. It brings negative connotations as far as I'm concerned. I prefer vacation - that way, everybody benefits (or at least, the refreshing name means everybody thinks they benefit). Now, this isn't just a vocabulary lesson, there is a purpose for me bringing all this up. Exams are in two weeks (so is my birthday! Yay!) and hardcore studying is required, in order for me to pass - immunity from 'exam-ruining anxiety' has never come naturally to me, see. But by no means am I taking a hiatus or even a vacation. I'm just putting it out there that posts will be irregular. There will be a few, I hope, during these next few weeks because, like all bloggers, I just love blogging. Lol. But there must be a line drawn when it comes to schoolwork, I'm afraid.
Anyway, this doesn't mean we can't have a little fun now. I've been meaning to post this for ages so I'm very excited...
A couple of years ago, I was an avid Dolly magazine reader (think the Aussie version of ElleGirl, CosmoGirl, Seventeen etc...but a little less high-end than TeenVogue), and stumbled upon these two cute perfume-personality articles. I loved them both. I thought it was hilarious how they managed to match each perfume to a boy and a girl (you'll see what I mean). In the first article, they got about 20 perfumes and separated them into different teenage girl personalities (this was before 'emo' and 'alterna-punk' etc. hit the scene), and included descriptions of each so the readers could categorize themselves. And in the second article they gathered about 10 or 11 perfumes and separated them into which ones would attract which type of guy (very general and basic categories). I did the math and figured out which group of teenage girl perfumes would attract which group of boys. Of course I had to update the poster girls and boys for each category (Ashlee Simpson ain't exactly a rock chick no more, and I'm afraid Jeremy Sumpter no longer fills the walls of every teen girl's bedroom).
And the results are in...
Gypsy Chic
(click to enlarge)
  1. If you had enough cash, you'd buy shares in Tree of Life.
  2. You love your cowboy boots even more than your best friend.
  3. You can't wait to get your P plates so you can organise a road trip down the coast.
  4. Your favourite pig-out food is environmentally friendly organic chocolate and you're a committed vegetarian.
Is matched with...

The Sweet Boy
Chris Brown
Don't intimidate him! Sweet guys go for girls who smell nice -- not OTT. Look for a scent that says "I'm girlie" but doesn't scream cutesy. It's all about being feminine.

Rock 'n' Roll
(click to enlarge)
  1. You get ready for a big night out by blaring the Killers and Franz Ferdinand.
  2. You wish Paris Hilton would go back to wherever it is she came from and stay there.
  3. Your ideal date would be spent in the mosh pit at the Big Day Out.
  4. You think black is the new black.
Is matched with...

The Party Boy
Brody Jenner
A guy who's got loads of mates, loves to dance and knows how to dress? Sounds like heaven to us! If he's the life of the party, chances are he'll sniff out the outgoing girl who likes to have a good time. So shimmy into your best party frock, spritz yourself with a flirty floral scent, accessorize with your brightest smile and watch Mr Popular come running to the dance floor.

Girlie Glam
(click to enlarge)
  1. You couldn't live without a good lip gloss.
  2. You're not sure how you coped before The OC/Gossip Girl/Top Model started.
  3. You've had your formal dress planned for months...and it's not till next year!
  4. You think a party isn't a party without heels, sleek hair and Beyonce on the stereo.
Is matched with...

The Funny Boy
Shia LaBeouf
If he makes you laugh till your face hurts, he's a keeper. And chances are he'll look twice when you walk passed smelling all sweet and lovely. We just know Shia follows his nose...

Pretty Preppy
(click to enlarge)
  1. You're often heard asking, "Who wants to go on a picnic?"
  2. You understand the responsibilities that come with being house captain...on the debating team...and a prefect.
  3. Your cooking is so good, you'd give the canteen ladies a run for their money.
  4. Your wardrobe resembles a Polo Ralph Lauren catalogue.
Is matched with...

The Sporty Boy
Tom Brady
Think Gisele Bundchen snagged the footballer with her looks and talent alone? Nuh-uh...we recky she wowed him with an outdoorsy fragrance. You want a scent that says "I'm easy-going". Ah, love all!

All celebrities and personality descriptions appropriated for 2008 (those hot in 2005 are not all so hot 3 years later).
I laugh every time I read the descriptions - they're so obviously written by a teen girls' mag. Love it!
Which one are you?


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Secretista said...

I want to read Dolly!

Yeaa... we all get busy around this time.

Kira Fashion said...


sienna and kate are my fav.!

a kiss,

Secretista said...

Well it's not my own magazine... I work for someone else and it's their magazine.

Trixy Tran said...

i love dolly!
my cousins live in australia, and they used to send me dolly magazines. haha, great post :]

LINDA said...

Ahaha. Cute post!
And good luck with your "vacation." :D

coco said...

I think I am a bit of all these groups
but seeing as I'm more drawn to the last two guys I guess I'm more girlie and preppy
But I don't dress it at all!
CONFUSION.... ha ha

e.jay said...

Haha! Supercute! I love the teen-mag descriptions! I think I am the Girlie Girl, especially since it attracts guys like Shia Labeouf...yummy!

Fashion Ivy said...

I'm a little bit of all in a way. I like guys who are really funny.

s. said...

haha those descriptions are hilarious. good luck with exams!

riz said...

love the descriptions! I would def. be the rock and roll one. You will be intermittently missed!

A dreamer said...

i want to be a mix of rock and roll and preppyness . i wonder how that would work.

AVA said...

I guess I'm just gypsy chic, maybe a bit of rock and roll in it sometime..

Fashion's Darling said...

oooo I remember these things in magazines!!! I used to love them (ok...still do)


good luck on exams

Fashion Ivy said...

Hey u've been tagged

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

i heart sienna! i actually tried to emulate that look from 'alfie' on new year's eve a couple years ago and got tons of compliments on my super dark eyes and light pink lips. she always looks amazing!

Trixy Tran said...

Haha, thanks (:
And the resort collections DID seem really disorganized; New York? Paris? Milan? Oh, I don't even know anymore. It's like fashion lottery.

I love your blog, you always have fun posts :]

alis said...

ummm girlie glam. and my boyfriend is super-funny. so maybe these do have a point after all, except kate moss+brody jenner??!!

Anonymous said...

Dolly is really cool, although I don't read it very often.

discothequechic said...

"You wish Paris Hilton would go back to wherever it is she came from and stay there."

so i guess i'm rock n roll, then?

what a great post!

and seriously, i think everyone is slacking with's exam season after all!

Wendy said...

I know these teen magazine articles are usually pointless but I get so drawn to them.

vogued out!!! said...

I agree wendy, I dismiss those little questions, but always end up answering them...thanks for posting.

Romany said...

Thanks for all your comments and well-wishings everybody. :)