Friday, 4 July 2008

Fall 2008 Couture

Ah, couture. The reason for my existence. As much as I would love nothing more than to gush on and on about Fall 08 Haute Couture, I'm supposed to be getting ready for a night out (though my attire will consist, regrettably, of brands much less inspiring than couture, I'm afraid). But as a little addition, I've included the starlets I would most like to see each creation on. Feel free to express your agreement or disagreement as you wish.
So here, purely for your enjoyment, I present the designers of today showing the rest of 'em how it's done.
Elie Saab
(left) Rihanna -- Rihanna's glamour-with-a-punky-edge style would compliment this gown to perfection.
(middle) Iman -- the model looks a little but like Iman, so that's the first one that came to mind.
(right) Keira Knightley -- Keira's pale skin and ethereal beauty would only add to that of this gorgeous creation.

(left) Scarlett Johansson -- the bodice is similar to those ScarJo has worn in the past, so it would be a very organic pairing.
(right) The obligatory Elie Saab wedding dress. I can't really see this on anyone, right now...

(far left) Uma Thurman -- Uma can do white like no other, and her style seems to have evolved from flowing gowns to fitted suits. It makes sense, as far as I'm concerned.
(left) Angelina Jolie -- tell me you don't agree with that one.
(right) Nicole Richie -- can't explain this. I just see it...
(far right) Anne Hathaway -- red compliments Anne's porcelain skin, and the fit seems as if it would flatter her shape.

Armani Prive
(left) Leighton Meester -- this classic dress would suit Leighton's classic style wonderfully.
(middle) Charlize Theron -- the strapless bodice would show off Charlize's amazing toned shoulders.
(right) Kate Hudson -- I'm sure Kate has worn something similar before. First thing that came to mind, again.

Hmm. These are all quite similar. I can see Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Lauren Conrad, Katie Holmes and Ashley Olsen all fighting over them.

Christian Dior
(left) I can see this as more as an elaborate pool-side outfit. In which case, I'll throw myself in with this one. Lol.
(middle) Rachel McAdams -- random, right? Lol. Light blue seems to compliment Rachel's skin tone, so it's seems right.
(right) Dita Von Teese -- this is so glamorously gothic, only Dita could get away with that.

I can see Beyonce being brave enough to don this to an event.

Christian Lacroix
(left) Demi Moore -- Demi is the queen of Red Carpet Black. It makes so much sense it's ridiculous. Lol.
(right) Penelope Cruz -- I can't wait to see Penelope give this a go at next year's Oscars. Fingers crossed...

Wow, that took longer than I thought it would. Now I'm going to be late. Lol!
And now for the interesting part: what do you think? Did I get it right? Or oh so wrong?



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JuliaFuentez said...

omg you are so right, i can picture every girl that you told=]

Kat said...

I can defintely see these celebs in those dresses. Love the Charlize Theron and Rachel McAdams ones especially. Cool idea:-)

KiKi said...

right on the dot

Fashion Ivy said...

Oh u got it so right. As I was reading i was getting some visuals. Right on the money

Wendy said...

I want to get married in that Elie Saab wedding dress.

alis said...

you are 100% right. I even saw Charlize Theron in the dress you picked before I scrolled down and read it!

Emma said...

I see what your saying! But most of these style icons would probably be too afraid of ending up on the worst dressed lists...

coco said...

I would love to wear that green dress at Valentino. It is so pretty!

AsianCajuns said...

I think that is pretty much right on target! I love that "Penelope" dress by Lacroix and the "Kate Hudson" dress by Armani.

On Track said...

Romany, you are oh SO so so very right, you got the eye for style thats for sure :D

Fashion's Darling said...

heyy i luvvvvv the chanel show...

great post


Sunniva said...

I can picture every celebrity in your choices, you have such a great eye for style! And I love that you've given yourself too. If I were to choose one, I'd choose the Angelina dress or the Iman dress ;)


Romany said...

Emma: so true. There aren't a lot of truly daring fashionistas these days, are there? With the exception of a few of the new kids...

On Track: thanks you! That's very sweet of you to say. :)

Sunniva: Thank you, that's very lovely. Oh yes, the Iman dress is simply to die for, no?

Thank you all for the lovely comments!

ryder said...

elie is genious!

ryder said...

elie is genious!

Anonymous said...



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