Wednesday, 15 July 2009


“The world will be my oyster once I’m too thin; I’m not there yet.”

I must admit, there are times when I completely relate to a statement like this.

I am enraged and disgusted that society has done this to us girls. What did we ever do to deserve this pressure?

Fabulous Body Survey 2008

Women Say...

Do you want to Lose weight?

79% Women said YES

21% Women said NO

Men Say...

Does womens body size matter to you?

74% men said yes

26% men said no

I rather admire the honesty of these participants. But am still saddened by the results.



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KiKi said...

yes i definatly agree with you i am glad to see honesty and sad to see people care a lot more about the outside then the inside these days

Alya said...

I admit, most of the days, I see myself looking like that girl in the mirror.

What Was I Thinking? said...

Well... I think alot of women would also say that a man's body size matters so I guess that survey is just really honest about women's bodies.

It's just unfortunate that weight and size is such a huuuge focus in our culture!


smartchic said...

i know how you feel. sadly, we live in a society that gives more importance to physical beauty than of a person's inner goodness.

Fine Life Folk said...

that's what we get when go asking people specific questions -- specific answers...

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