Thursday, 30 July 2009

A fashionable read...

Recently, I have had the pleasure of flipping through the mesmerizing pages of the Mr & Mrs Smith Boutique Hotel Collection: The Global Shortlist. Featuring 30 hotels -- from atmospheric French chateaux and Italian castellos to glamorous chic retreats in Brazil and the US -- this stunning guide stands out for its elegant design, witty text, and stunning original photography.

"For the perfect escape to paradise it's best to get on board fast with Mr. and Mrs. Smith." Time

"The perfect way to discover the chicest, most individual hotels for your next getaway."

Even without the prospect of a holiday on the horizon (unless Schoolies counts? Didn't think so.), I thoroughly enjoyed flipping through this book, if not simply for the captivating images, but for the tongue-in-cheek reviews of every hotel penned by each different Mr & Mrs Smith (some of them celebrities, all of them honest). If it's a 5 star trip you're after, surrounded by luxury so tangible you can taste it in the air, then I would highly recommend acquiring a copy of The Global Shortlist.



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Lynda Evans said...

great book - love your blog!

Secretista said...

I've recently gotten into reading and I just love these picks!

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