Sunday, 2 November 2008

Unexpected indeed...

Eccentric Helena Bonham Carter and her equally (if not, more) eccentric husband Tim Burton make a surprise appearance in Vogue UK's December issue. I absolutely adore these two. They're so quirky, breaking all the Hollywood societal rules (even the ones we didn't know about).

(click to enlarge)

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If there was a prize for Hollywood originality, these two would be shoe-ins.
What do you think? Helena and Tim, love 'em or leave 'em?
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Alya said...

Hmm.. I think they're genuinely quirky and not creating an 'act' like people such as Marylin Manson (scary)..

Lleander said...

Are you kidding, they're fantastic.

AusAnna said...

im so out of the loop, this s the first i have heard of them.. of to investigate now. love your blogp.s!

Anonymous said...

i have that issue, i thought kate would do a spread inside too. i adore the photos, so tim walker!

wanna link?

Marina said...

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Sunniva said...

I love them! They don't seem like they're trying too hard to be original and quirky..they just are like that naturally. They're great!

Hope you're well, dear xoxo

Gerry said...

Tim and Helena aren't just quirky anymore... They're just plain weird. Whenever I read about them I just smile to myself and wish there were more people like them. They live in a world with black and white rainbows.