Friday, 1 August 2008

Redefining statement jewellery

Boy, those Arulpragasam sisters sure make political objection cool.
We all know M.I.A. (the British singer's 2007 album Kala is currently pulling big numbers on my iPod). Now meet her big sister, Kali, the creative brain behind jewellery label Super Fertile. The brand recently released its new collection called Tourism, an aesthetically pleasing advertisement for the 'undesirable' locations of the world. The collection features a range of gold and silver neck-pieces displaying the positive aspects of war-torn regions.

"The media only reveals the negative, so when you Google 'Iraq' you only get American soldiers with guns and rubble. This is not Iraq! Iraq has culture, music, fashion, sports and great architecture. And so, I magically removed the guns, tanks and violence from the picture so that my jewellery acts as tourism posters dipped in 24ct gold or silver -- becoming instant precious treasures."
-- Kali Arulpragasam

"I feel blessed I can say what I want. I feel it will be a wasted opportunity to create more skulls and wings in the world, rather than make something that can actually make a difference...
I wanted the message to be more important, and I wanted it to be kicking around for hundreds of years. I liked the idea of people digging up my jewels 500 years from now, with the pieces still communicating a beautiful message."

"The reaction I'm getting has been a big surprise, but it's a collection that seems to have hit every type of person from politicians to artists and fashion people.
I have been flooded with messages from Colombian girls and boys to Haiti footballers to Middle Eastern bloggers and Sri Lankan women just thanking me for acknowledging them."

Personally, I think the collection (visually, as well as the message behind them) is gorgeous. Even if one doesn't wear them, hanging the jewels as decorative ornaments around the house would suffice.



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KiKi said...

it not really my style I wear very minimal jewlry but it does look pretty neat

Kat said...

Wow what incredible statement pieces! I'm not sure I would be funky enough to get away with such pieces but they sure as hell are cool to look at!
It is enlightening what she says about Iraq, we forget that it is a country with life.

Jelenie said...

I love them, I probably won't wear them but I'm a sucker for delicate little jewellery etchings. I'd probably just use it as a home decoration.

Weekly Blogette said...

Your header is adorable

JuliaFuentez said...

love the post<33

alex said...

It's brilliant!! The political message is so powerful, and what a creative way to convey it. I'm not sure about wearing the neck pieces, but they would def. brighten up my dorm/apartment. The earrings are really cool too.

Fashion's Darling said...

ahhh MAJOR MIA fan so I'm super happy about this...knowing me I'd never wear them. Rather I'd just hang them and stare lol

Anonymous said... what does it do for these people...she needs to keep her day job

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