Sunday, 4 October 2009

The truth...

A while back I placed a poll on my blog asking the question Do you think the fashion industry is to blame for the 'body image' crisis? The poll ended and I saved the results, but for some reason I had completely forgotten about them until I stumbled upon them a few minutes ago while cleaning out old files. Out of sight, out of mind I suppose. I thought it might be interesting to share the results.

Do you think the fashion industry is to blame for the 'body image' crisis?

72% said Yes -- how can young girls feel beautiful within themselves when there is an entire industry devoted to telling them they're not pretty enough?

16% said No --'body image' issues are the product of being surrounded by unsupportive people.

4% said No --the fashion and beauty industries are helping young girls with self-esteem issues, by providing them with products/clothes that make them feel prettier.

4% said Unhealthy 'body image' is not a crisis as far as I'm concerned.

8% were Undecided.

I provided the additional answers to help voters decide.
What do you think of these results? Shocked or unsurprised?




FemmeChic said...


Great post! Truth hurts...

Alya said...

I voted for Yes as well.. But we cant blame the industry 100%. Its also the individuals fault for succumbing to this trend and not valuing themselves as worthy enough.

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Anonymous said...

i think they are to blame, but people shouldnt take the industries idea of beauty to the extreme.
someone in my english class is doing a paper on this issue, suprisingly, it is a straight guy.

clippingimages said...

Nice post.