Thursday, 9 April 2009

Oyster: leaps and bounds above the rest...

Breathtaking photography from the latest issue of Oyster Magazine. I should really dedicate an entire category to this magazine, I blog about it enough...
Dark Tide
This is definitely my favourite photo shoot of this issue...
Steven Chee
Model: Alina B at Chic

Strangle Hold
I guess this is not so much breathtaking as innovative.
Photography: Daniela Müller-Brunke
Model: Zenia Sevastyanova at FM Models

Satellite's Gone
This one simply feeds my David Lynch obsession.
Photography: Andy Tan
Model: Sabina at House of Orange

Happy Easter!


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A dreamer said...

hahaha yes it's time you create the oyster category.
steven chee pictures are AMAZING.

Devonbella said...

love the blog! xx

Fashion's Darling said...

these are some awesome photos!

Glenn said...

Nice blog about fashion.

Thanks for posting this article